28 July 2001

Britney’s film to be distributed by Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures will distribute the currently untitled feature film featuring pop singer Britney Spears, presented under the MTV Films brand. The project, directed by Tamra Davis, marks Britney’s feature acting debut and is being produced and co-financed by her record Zomba Records and Filmco. Britney came aboard the project in January and began shooting the film in March, with Dan Aykroyd, Kim Cattrall, Taryn Manning and Zoe Saldana rounding out the cast.

Written by Shonda Rhimes, the story is described as “Boys on the Side” meets “Duets.” It’s about three childhood friends who are on different paths by the time they reach high school: One is a virtuous straight-A student (Britney), another is a cheerleader, and the third is a burnout. The trio get together and travel across the country, each for their own personal reasons, but along the way meet a young wannabe musician who persuades them to come to Los Angeles to compete in a music contest. Ann Carli produced the roughly $10 million-budgeted film through her Fuzzy Bunny Prods.

11 July 2001

BT working with Britney

Producer Brian Transeau, better known as BT, who has worked with *NSync on their single, “Pop”, has revealed he is working with Britney on tracks for her upcoming third album, due later this year.  Britney is reportedly co-writing many tracks for the album, working with many new producers in addition to Max Martin and Rami who worked on her previous albums.

3 July 2001

Melissa Etheridge talks about Britney

Melissa Etheridge has spoken about her fondness for Britney in the 5th July  issue of “Rolling Stone” magazine. When asked if she preferred Christina or Britney she responded “Truth? I love Christina’s voice, But I kind of dig Britney’s whole thing. Yep. I really think Christina has great chops. She kind of overdoes it, but that’s what everyone’s into right now. But she’s got a huge voice, and I like listening to it. Yet if a video of hers came on, I’m not that interested in watching it, whereas I will stop in the room and watch a Britney video…

“It’s just like whatever it is in this world right now that she represents that we enjoy, there it is all fresh and young and American and produced. I love her latest one [singing] ‘don’t let me be the last to know!’ With Christina there’s something hidden, and I don’t like to watch it. It makes me feel uncomfortable to watch it. She should go do a rock thing next. Be in a rock band”.