31 August 2001

Britney and Justin not engaged

Jive Records have denied that Britney and Justin Timberlake are engaged, following tabloid reports on Friday that said she had accepted a marriage proposal more than a month ago. A spokesperson for Jive said “These rumours have been around for a number of weeks, and began when they were seen to be wearing matching diamond rings. They have already said that they bought the rings purely as a mark of ‘friendship’.”

14 August 2001

Britney’s film debut to be entitled “What Are Friends For”?

According to reports, Britney’s film debut will be entitled “What Are Friends For,” although nothing is official as yet, fuelled by Zomba Films and Filmco registering a web site domain name for the film (whatarefriendsfor.net).

Britney said “it’s untitled. It’s about three girls, the friendship they had when they were young and how they lose it as they get older. My character is like me in some ways. She takes this crazy journey to Los Angeles to find out what she really wants out of life, instead of doing what her dad’s telling her to do.” The film is due to premiere on 1st February 2002 in Europe.

4 August 2001

Third album due on 5th November

Britney’s third studio album will be released on 5th November 5th in the UK and Europe, and a day later in the USA. In addition to Max Martin and Rami, who have worked with Britney on her earlier albums, BT, Rodney Jerkins, Dido and The Neptunes have all worked on tracks for the as-yet-untitled new release.

1 August 2001

The Neptunes working with Britney

Pharrell Williams was recently asked about upcoming exciting projects, and if he would be working with Michael Jackson. After dispelling the rumour, he said he is eager for the world to hear his work with “Britney Spears! It’s cool, man. It’s music. We don’t wanna let the cat out of the bag, but it’s exciting.”