1 October 2002

“Crossroads” UK DVD to be released on 21st October

Britney’s debut film “Crossroads” is due to be released on VHS video and DVD in the UK on 21st October. The DVD will include all of the USA edition bonus features, plus a few extras; it will be encoded in region 2 for the UK, Europe and Japan.

18 September 2002

“Stages” DVD and book to be released before Christmas

Britney is to celebrate the end of the Dream Within A Dream tour with a book and DVD set to be released before Christmas, tentatively entitled “Stages.” The book features new photos of Britney with her friends and family, as well as onstage and backstage glimpses that were snapped at various points on the road. Culminating with the tour’s final show, which ended only five songs deep when a lightning storm caused its stoppage in Mexico, the DVD chronicles the tour from a fly-on-the-wall perspective. Acclaimed filmmaker Albert Maysles, best known for collaborating with brother David on the 1970 Rolling Stones documentary “Gimme Shelter,” assisted with the home video.

“I wanted to share with my fans all the things that they never get to see that make it all so special for me. It’s my way of saying thank you.”

30 July 2002

Jive issue statement on Mexico departure

Following the early finish of the final show of Britney’s Dream Within A Dream tour in Mexico on 28th July, Jive Records have issued a statement saying: “A hazardous lightning storm made it essential for Spears to depart the stage. She began the show during a break between two rainstorms, but the degree of risk to the audience and stage crew associated with the second storm, an electrical storm, made it impossible for the show to continue.”

Britney added: “The Mexican fans are one of the best audiences to play for. We decided that we had no choice but to cancel the show after the storm and lightning showed no signs of clearing up.”

29 July 2002

Britney finishes Dream Within A Dream tour in Mexico

Britney played the final show of her Dream Within A Dream tour last night, her second at Foro Sol in Mexico; the show was cut drastically short with reports that the severe rain and lightning storms made it unsafe. Britney left the stage after performing “Stronger” saying, “I’m sorry, Mexico. I love you, bye.” Fans are due to receive a full refund; Britney is now on a six month break from her career and could not reschedule the show.

6 July 2002

“Boys” to be released on 12″ vinyl

For the first time ever in the UK, Britney will be releasing a 12″ vinyl record in the UK, when “Boys” is released on 29th July 2002.

The CD and cassette will include the album version of “Boys,” along with the Co-Ed remix and Co-Ed remix instrumental. The 12″ vinyl will also include the Co-Ed remix and the Co-Ed instrumental, alongside “I’m A Slave 4 U.”

20 May 2002

“Boys” remix to be next UK single

The Co-Ed remix of “Boys” featuring Pharrell Williams from N.E.R.D will officially be the next UK single from “Britney.” The continental European release of “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll” will take place on 27th May 2001, whilst music TV in the UK is still playing “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman.” “Anticipating” will be released in France in June, reportedly with an animated video, featuring “Britney in Paris.”