6 December 2003

“Toxic” confirmed as second single

Despite rumours that “Outrageous” and “(I Got That) Boom Boom” would be released, Britney has announced that “Toxic” will be the second single from “In The Zone.” It will be commercially released in the UK in February 2004, with Britney shooting the video in the next few weeks.

23 November 2003

“In The Zone” debuts at #14 in the UK

“In The Zone” has debuted at #14 in the official UK top 40 albums chart, behind new entries from Michael Jackson, Busted, Kylie Minogue, The Beatles and G:Unit. Sales were relatively strong for the album, with it selling approximately as much as “Britney” in the first week, but due to more competition it debuted 10 places lower. The album has entered at #6 in Ireland, and is a dead cert for #1 in the USA.

19 November 2003

“In The Zone” and “Me Against The Music” worldwide sales updates

“In The Zone” is set to enter the UK album charts at #9 this week, behind new entries from Busted, Michael Jackson, Kylie Minogue, The Beatles and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, continuing her row of top ten debuts.
In the USA, she is set to debut at #1, selling over 500,000 copies this week alone, having sold over 250,000 in the first day of release.
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17 November 2003

“In The Zone” out now in the UK!

“In The Zone” is out now in the UK, featuring two bonus tracks – “The Answer” and “Don’t Hang Up” – as well as the UK #2 hit single featuring Madonna, “Me Against The Music.”

10 November 2003

“Me Against The Music” remixes released in the USA

A commerical remix maxi CD of “Me Against The Music,” featuring Madonna, is available now in the USA, featuring brand new remixes by Gabriel and Dresden, Bloodshy and Avant and the Passengerz.

7 October 2003

“Me Against The Music” premiered in the UK

“Me Against The Music” featuring Madonna, officially premiered today at 8.10am on BBC Radio 1 and at 8.20am on independent radio stations, such as Invicta FM, Essex FM and 95.8 Capital FM.

A Rishi Rich remix, featuring Penelope Magnet instead of Madonna, was played at 7.40am on Kiss 100, and other EMAP-owned radio stations. The track will be released in the UK as a commercial single on 10th November 2003.

2 October 2003

Rolling Stone magazine – “Britney finds it hard to be a woman”

She was a star at 16 and suffered public heartbreak at 20. Now — after a year of fun and games — she’s out to prove she can do it again. By Mark Binelli.

Two pairs of lips, a little tongue. Nothing odd for cable television, even if it was two women. Still, when Britney Spears kissed Madonna on the MTV Video Music Awards — a lip lock that seemed designed to prove that both women were still capable of causing a sensation — it became head line news. “Tonsil hockey,” leered the New York Daily News. “Booty bouncing,” seconded the New York Post. “Sorry,” said the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which had to apologize after outraged readers objected to a Page One photo of the kiss.

Even CNN’s Crossfire got into the act, featuring Spears one-on-one with Tucker Carlson — a bow-tie-wearing conservative better known for sparring ‘with the likes of Hillary Clinton. Spears said that, no, she’d never kissed a woman before, and, yes, maybe she would again, if it was Madonna. She also revealed that the kiss had been rehearsed, and all involved had agreed to see how it felt in the moment. Though she denies it, even more was rehearsed: Madonna playfully slapping Spears’ ass — a moment that didn’t make it on the air.

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13 June 2003

Album 4 to be released in September

Britney’s fourth album will officially be released on 15th September in the UK, Australia and Europe, and on 16th September in the USA and Canada, according to retailers in the UK and USA. Two new songs have been titled for the album – “Showdown” and “Hollow” – both of which were registered as being written by Cathy Dennis, Bloodshy and Avant and Britney Spears. Bloodshy and Avant have previously worked with Ms. Dynamite (“It Takes More”) and Christina Milian (“AM 2 PM”).

30 May 2003

MTV previews album 4

From the sound of things, Britney Spears appears to be channeling Madonna on her fourth album. The pop singer, who took a step toward womanhood on Britney, has taken the Material Girl’s cue, seeming to address more adult themes and styles while retaining a sense of girlish fun on her upcoming disc, which she previewed for MTV recently at Battery Studios.
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5 March 2003

The Matrix, Mirwais, and 7Aurelius for album 4?

If the variety of producers she’s working with is any indication, Britney Spears’ next record will be her most adventurous yet. Sure, mainstays Rodney Jerkins and the Neptunes are again logging time with her, but she has also recorded with Ashanti producer 7Aurelius and the Matrix, the production team behind Avril Lavigne’s hit singles. And don’t forget Guy Chambers and Cathy Dennis.
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