20 January 2005

Britney named the biggest selling female artist this century

Britney is officially the biggest-selling female artist this century – selling more records than any other woman. In the past five years, Britney’s albums have outsold those by the likes of Madonna, Kylie, Dido & Celine Dion. A Jive Records spokesperson said, “It really is extraordinary. Britney and everyone here are thrilled. To become the biggest selling female artist of the past five years was amazing, but to outsell Madonna over the past half a decade is beyond our wildest dreams. It just goes to show what a musical force Britney is.”

Britney has sold over 50million records in the last five years from 2000 to 2004 inclusive and was also the 5th biggest selling singles artists of 2004 in the UK, selling over 530,000 singles, and the 13th biggest selling albums artist, with over 1.02million albums sold.

6 January 2005

Truth Be Told: Britney addresses the rumours

The media’s never ending “Britney V Christina feud”
Britney would love to be close with Christina again. In fact, Britney recently wrote Christina a letter telling her how happy and beautiful Christina looks lately.

Is there professional competition brewing among the Spears sisters?
Not at all! Since the age difference between Britney and Jamie Lynn is so great, Britney has always taken on a mother figure role to Jamie Lynn and not just that of a sister. There has never been any sibling rivalry between these two and Britney couldn’t be more proud of Jamie Lynn and her career success. Britney thinks Jamie Lynn looks beautiful on her Seventeen magazine cover and thought the inside story was very cute & funny.

Speaking of Jamie Lynn’s “Seventeen” magazine cover story, does Britney want to start dressing similar to the Olsen sisters?
Britney made a comment on how Ashley & Mary Kate dress fun & funky so that Jamie Lynn might think about experimenting with new and different ideas in her own wardrobe choices and style.

4 January 2005

Britney’s new year letter to fans

A new year is starting and I have so many resolutions. If only I could convince myself to stick to them! My Christmas was wonderful and I had such a great break. I think I should rephrase myself from my previous letters when I was talking about taking a “break”. What I meant was I am taking a break from being told what to do. True masters say it’s cool when you look at someone and don’t know whether they are at work or play since it’s all the same to them.

The things I’ve been doing for work lately have been so much fun, because it’s not like work to me anymore. I’ve been even more “hands on” in my management and the business side of things and I feel more in control than ever. I just shot a cute video for “Do Somethin'” that I co-directed. After doing about 20 videos, it gets kind of boring playing the same role, so I chose to work with a young, hungry, director Billie Woodruff. He had no ego whatsoever and the whole process was just so much fun. Oh, his dog was just adorable too.

As much fun as I had, I have to say I was a little disappointed that I still had to convince my record label that making this video was the right thing to do at this time. But, in the end, I think everything came out great. We shot the entire video in a record breaking 5 hours. I even came up with all the choreography and styled the entire shoot myself using Juicy Couture clothing.

Co-directing this video was like an experimental project for me. I feel like being behind the camera is sometimes more satisfying than being in front of it. Working on this video was my first taste into behind the scenes work which I am excited about doing more of in the near future. When a woman directs, I think it just alters the entire feel of the movie, production or play in such a positive way.

Speaking of, I’ve been working on writing and hopefully eventually directing a musical which makes fun of the whole Hollywood scene, which is appropriately titled “Hollywood”. On a different note, I have a new dog named Lucky and I just bought her a new dresser for her room. Yes, she has a room, which she shares with Bit Bit. For Christmas, they got a baby chandelier to go in it. It’s the cutest thing in the world! I have to go now because my other dog, Lacy, has been sick for a little while and I need to go give her medicine. Happy New Year!

Love, Brit

P.S: Please remember to watch Jamie Lynn’s new show, Zoey 101, which debuts on Nickelodeon this month!