27 January 2006

Gavin Bradley working on beats for fifth album

Gavin Bradley, a singer/producer/songwriter hailing from Ottawa, Canada, has announced that he is working on beats for Britney’s fifth studio album, which he describes as having “a chipper, infectious feel influenced by ’80s electro”. Bradley has worked with Rick Nowels (Madonna, Dido) in the past, doing tracks for Nelly Furtado and Alex Band.

24 January 2006

VH1 UK announce Britney day

VH1 UK are having a Britney day this Sunday, 29th January, starting at 9am with “Top 10 Britney,” followed by all of Britney’s “Making The Video” documentaries, her “Most Shocking Moments” and more. The day will be capped off with the UK satellite television premiere of “The Onyx Hotel Tour 2004: Live From Miami” at 9pm.

20 January 2006

Are you Britney’s biggest fan in the UK?

Are you Britney’s biggest UK fan? Monkey Productions are currently researching for a potential TV show looking at the biggest British fans of major music stars, such as Britney, and are interested in what you think. What do you think makes a true fan? If you would like to contribute fun anecodates to inspire (and maybe surprise!), please contact Yeva at Monkey Productions (email submissions now closed) – you don’t have to commit to going on TV!

14 January 2006

Kevin to focus on solo material rather than Britney collaborations

Out on the promotional trail to raise awareness of his single, “PopoZão,” Kevin Federline has spoken about his forthcoming album, telling “Access Hollywood” that he has chosen to work with unknown, new producers on his forthcoming album, and that the collaborations he has recorded with Britney will not be released as yet. “I think people need to get to know me a little bit more, and that way when we do something, people will respect it that much more,” he said.