25 April 2006

Britney working with JR Rotem

JR Rotem has been speaking in more depth about his work with Britney for her 5th album, saying, “working with Britney is great, I mean, she’s very talented and she’s just like a veteran, even though she’s young, she’s been performing and doing things for like 20 years. When you get in the studio with her, she’s focused; she knows how her voice is. Even writing, we wrote a song and I was really impressed by her creativity and how well she knows herself. She’s just dope, she’s a veteran. It’s still ‘pop’ music, it’s still very her, it’s just next level Britney. We’re working on a few different songs, some are just, it’s hard to explain, like dark and dramatic, others are more dance and still others are just straight club – hip-hop people can feel it – and ‘pop’.”

24 April 2006

Sean Garrett writing for Britney

R&B producer, Sean Garrett, the man behind Ciara’s “Goodies,” Usher’s “Yeah” and Ricky Martin’s “I Don’t Care,” has confirmed he has worked on 3 tracks for Britney’s forthcoming album. He spoke to MTV about the album, saying that “they’re trying to do some real crazy-ass stuff that the world is going to love.”

21 April 2006

JR Rotem talks to “Billboard” about fifth album

Jonathan “JR” Rotem spoke to Billboard magazine about Britney’s 5th album, saying, “Britney is pretty much starting out right now. She doesn’t have too much. It’s coming along but it’s at its early stages.”

18 April 2006

JR Rotem confirms Britney has commenced work

Jive Records have approached another R&B producer, in the form of Jonathan “JR” Rotem (Rihanna’s “SOS (Rescue Me)” and Lil’ Kim’s “Whoa”) to produce a track called “Everybody” for consideration for Britney’s 5th album. Ne-Yo, T-Pain and Soulpower UK/Cathy Dennis have all previously confirmed they have been asked to submit tracks for the album, and it is rumoured that tracks by Scott Storch, Track Starz and Guy Sigsworth will also be included.

17 April 2006

Annette Stamatelatos entering Eurovision

Greek-American Annette Stamatelatos, co-writer of “Everytime,” has renamed herself Annet Artani, and is entering the 2006 Eurovision contest for Cyprus, with the song “Why Angels Cry.” Annet has said she has received a good luck text message from Britney, wishing her luck for the contest.

13 April 2006

Felicia comments on Sean Preston incident

Britney’s long-time family friend and personal assistant, Felicia, has told “The New York Post,” “[Sean Preston] didn’t even fall. The chair just broke. He’s totally fine. He’s up and at ’em. He’s wanting to walk and talk.” “Access Hollywood” also reports that the reports of a fracture and blood clot “are simply not true.”

12 April 2006

“People” comment on Sean Preston incident

“People” magazine have the full story about Sean Preston’s accident, saying, “While the baby’s nanny was lifting him from his high chair, something snapped in the chair and Sean Preston slipped from her arms and fell to the floor, bruising his head on 1st April. A doctor came to the house that day and examined the child; he seemed fine, but six days later, the parents became concerned and took Sean Preston to the hospital emergency room to have him checked out. No serious problems were found. After the hospital visit, child welfare officials visited Spears’s home accompanied by a sheriff’s deputy, as is routine following certain hospital reports.” Spears’ laywer said, “They determined that they were not involved in any injury and that nothing improper was done within the home.”

11 April 2006

DCFS investigate Sean Preston incident

Britney is on the front page of “Star” magazine USA, reporting that she has been investigated by the Department of Children & Family Services, following her taking Sean Preston to the hospital after noticing him sleeping more than usual. According to the report, six days earlier, he had taken a major fall from his high chair, which led to the doctors discovering he had “a minor skull fracture (sometimes called a “scalp fracture” in babies), and a blood clot.” DCFS paid a visit on 8th April; a representative said, “everyone was fine” and added the case had been closed.

6 April 2006

Britney teaches dance classes

Britney found a good way to shed those post-baby pounds when she taught two free jazz-hip-hop dance classes for kids at the Malibu Academy of Dance recently. Wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt, Britney instructed a packed house of 88 students, ranging in age from 7 to 14. She played a new remix of the Eurythmics song “Here Comes the Rain Again,” and one of her own tunes that’s likely to be on her next album. Then she went into action, showing the students a series of dance moves.

“(Britney) did a step called The Monkey, and she did a little squeak at the end of it,” studio owner Steve Chase told us. “It had all the kids laughing. She was incredibly sweet with them, and called everyone ‘baby.’ ” And Spears brought a very special guest: son Sean Preston, to whom the school gifted a basket of Lyla Blu t-shirts. And it wasn’t a one-shot deal: The next day, the pop diva returned solo and taught the same routine to another class. “Britney lives close by so I think she did it as a way of giving back to her community,” says Chase, who added that she would definitely be back to help her young fans with some more fancy footwork.”

3 April 2006

SoulPower UK working on new album

Peter Biker and Karsten Delgado (Daahlgaard), otherwise known as SoulPower UK, are currently writing and producing tracks to be sumitted for Britney’s fifth album. The duo have recently produced and co-written “It’s OK!” for Liberty X and “Better” for Sugababes, as well as Jamelia’s “Thank You.” In addition to their own tracks, they are also going to be collaborating with Cathy Dennis (“Toxic,” “Showdown”) on potential tracks for the album.