27 May 2006

Jamie Lynne posts message to fans

“I hope everything is great with all of you. I have been busy finishing up school with final exams and end of the year stuff. My cheerleading team is getting ready for summer camp and I will move to LA for the summer to tape the third season of “Zoey 101″! I am really excited. We always have a blast! I am also so excited about being an Aunt again!! Needless to say I have been staying busy! I hope everyone has a great summer!”

17 May 2006

JR Rotem comments further on new album tracks

JR Rotem has spoken about two songs he’s worked on with Britney for her 5th album – “Everybody,” a ‘club banger that borrows liberally from Eurythmics’ 80’s hit, “Here Comes The Rain Again,” with lyrics about ‘carnal desire’ and “Who Can She Trust?” an introspective composition Spears wrote herself. Over a “snap music” beat accompanied by the sound of a camera shutter she sings, “Where am I?/ Where will I find my face?/ Where will I find my faith?” Speaking about his work with Britney, JR Rotem said, “She’s focused and that part of it doesn’t get in the way of what she’s doing. And even though she’s so young, you could feel that you’re in the presence of a veteran of performing who can get in her zone and knows what she wants to say.”

16 May 2006

Sony BMG comment on car seat law accusations

Responding to reports of a photograph of Britney driving in Malibu, California, with Sean Preston sitting in a forward-facing child car seat in the back, Sony BMG said Britney was in “total compliance with Californian law.” The statement said: “Californian law states all children under the age of six or weighing less than 60lbs be in safety seats in the back seat of the car”, adding that rear-facing car seats were not compulsory in California nor many other parts of the USA. “In fact, there are only 10 states that require a child to be in a rear-facing car seat, and in two of those states it is not required if the infant is more than 20lbs. Britney’s son weighs over 20lbs.”

15 May 2006

MTV report on fifth album

Britney has been so dedicated to working on her new album, she’s practically been working every day on it, despite the demands of motherhood. “She’s been a mother and she’ll still be doing that, but she’s very much into her music,” said producer Jonathan “J.R.” Rotem. He says her songs will really connect with people, and will make them say, “‘Hmmm, I haven’t heard Britney say things like that before.”
Full story “MTV report on fifth album”

13 May 2006

Britney posts brief message about Kaballah

Britney’s official site has been updated with a new message in the Stream Of Consciousness section, the first in nearly a year, saying, “I no longer study Kaballah, my baby is my religion.”

2 May 2006

“Heat” magazine report second pregnancy

“Heat” magazine UK have reported on Britney’s pregnancy, saying Britney is “four months gone” with her “due date expected to be 3rd October,” adding that the cocktails she has been seen drinking were all non-alcoholic. The source states that Britney was inspired by how far along Angelina Jolie was before announcing it to the press, and says that Britney’s publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnick has changed the official statement to “No comment.”