27 August 2006

Swizz Beatz working on Britney’s new album

Swizz Beatz promises something groundbreaking for Britney Spears’s new album, which he’s currently working on with songwriter Sean Garrett. “That’s my partner in crime right there,” Swizz said. “The Britney stuff, we’re creating just for her. It’s a lot of tempo, a lot of hard drums, a lot of sonic changes. It’s just something that when you hear it, you get goose bumps. She’s back for real.” Swizz Beatz is most well known for his work with Mary J. Blige, Lil’ Kim, Cassidy, DMX and Beyoncé, for whom he produced the singles “Check On It” and “Ring The Alarm.”

21 August 2006

Britney attends Teen Choice Awards 2006

Britney, as scheduled, attended the Teen Choice Awards 2006 yesterday in a ‘surprise’ appearance to introduce the world debut performance by her husband, Kevin Federline, who performed his first single, “Lose Control.” “This show has been very good to me and my career over the years. And I’m hoping that it will be as good to our next performer,” she said to a crowd, cheering and giving her standing ovations.

Christina Aguilera sends Britney gift

Christina Aguilera, who looks set to score a worldwide #1 album this week with “Back To Basics,” has commented on her friendship with Britney, following a revival of comments there is rivalry between the singers. “She got me a really beautiful crystal vase and a litte crystal bucket that you can put champagne in when I got married,” she said recently. “And when she had her baby, I sent over a huge baby basket. I didn’t know whether it was a boy or a girl yet, so I just sent over something really sweet, something cute.”

16 August 2006

Britney to appear on “People” magazine

Britney is to appear on this week’s “People” magazine front cover, accompanied by a feature entitled “My Life As A Mum: Ready For Baby #2.” She admits that her second pregnancy wasn’t planned (“It just kind of happened,” adding, “I’m going to wait a while for the next one!”). Eight months pregnant, and with an 11-month old son, Britney says she feels like she’s “been pregnant for 10 years!”
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8 August 2006

Kevin Federline talks to “In Touch” magazine

Kevin is profiled and interviewed in this week’s “In Touch” magazine USA, where he talks about Britney, Sean Preston and his forthcoming album. On juggling his forthcoming musical career and his marriage, he said “It’s definitely going to be hard; it’ll have to be worked at, but that’s every relationship,” adding that he intends to take his family on tour, travelling mainly by bus.
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7 August 2006

“Will & Grace” season 8 DVD released in the UK

Season 8 of “Will & Grace” featuring Britney’s guest appearance, alongside guest appearances from the likes of Alec Baldwin, Jason Biggs and Richard Chamberlain, is out now on DVD in the UK.

3 August 2006

Anna Nicole Smith wants to befriend Britney

Fellow pregnant star Anna Nicole Smith says she’d love to become friends with Britney. She posted the following message to Britney on her web site, saying, “If you wanted to be friends, I would so much love to hang out with you. I think you’re totally cool and I think we’re going to have our babies about the same time.”