28 February 2007

Akon working on tracks for Britney

Akon has revealed on “Much On Demand” that Britney contacted him to ask him to work on her upcoming album; he said he is definitely doing it and that he knows all it will take is a ‘hot album’ to put Britney back at the top.

Larry Rudolph comments on rehab treatment

Britney’s manager, Larry Rudolph, has commented on reports she is receiving special treatment at rehab, saying, “she is getting no special treatment. She has a regular room, a regular routine. She is doing exceptionally well.”

27 February 2007

Britney suffering from post-partum depression

Reports are circulating from the Promises rehab facility, where Britney is staying, saying that doctors believe the underlying reason for her recent trouble may be post-partum depression, as opposed to substance abuse as has been widely reported. The source says that it is believed she is either suffering from post-partum depression or bipolar disorder, with doctors strongly believing it is the former. The report says Britney is currently reading Brooke Shields’ book, “Down Came The Rain,” about post-partum depression; doctors believe the issue is complicated by “an intense feeling on her part that she has lost control of her life.”

23 February 2007

Britney is not on ‘suicide watch’ in rehab

Larry Rudolph has officially denied news reports that Britney Spears is on suicide watch in rehab. “The story is absolutely untrue. She is in rehab, and it is very disappointing that various media outlets are running these false stories about her, as Britney tries to get better.” Britney is staying at the Promises rehab center in Malibu, after her mum took her there on Wednesday night.

Elizabeth Arden send support to Britney

Elizabeth Arden Inc. said it would continue to support Britney Spears and her perfume line, after a report said some fans may shun the fragrances after her recent negative publicity. “We have a long-standing and very successful relationship with Britney Spears. We care about her personally and remain completely supportive of her.”

Curious, which was launched in late 2004, was the first in the Britney Spears line and became an instant success; the latest, Midnight Fantasy, also got off to a strong start, the company said. Elizabeth Arden sales rose nearly 20%; the Britney Spears fragrance line brought double-digit gains.

22 February 2007

Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, speaks to press

Britney Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, spoke exclusively to FOX News about his daughter, saying “she is a sick little girl… we’re just trying to take care of her.” Speaking from his Louisiana home, he added that he did not want to comment on the specifics of Britney’s current situation, but added that the problems with Spears are “not about what other people think” and that he and her mother Lynne are “concerned about our daughter.”

Britney attacks paparazzo with umbrella and heads back to rehab

Paparazzi photo agency, X17, reports that Britney went to Kevin Federline’s house in the San Fernando Valley last night around 7pm and rang the bell at his gate three times with no answer; having been stalked by paparazzi, she grabbed an umbrella and hit out at X17 photographers, denting their car with the umbrella. It has been reported that Britney later met with Kevin and came to an agreement over their children, Sean Preston and Jayden James, with Britney returning to the Promises rehab centre late last night, and Kevin’s emergency custody hearing today being cancelled. TMZ.com reports that if Britney leaves rehab before getting full treatment, Kevin, who is currently looking after the children, will go to court seeking full custody immediately.

Kevin Federline files for emergency hearing

Kevin Federline has asked a judge for an emergency hearing on Thursday to discuss the custody dispute for his two young children with Britney, Sean Preston and Jayden James. A court spokesperson says that only Kevin and his attorney are scheduled to appear before the judge, but adds “anything is possible.” Federline filed papers in November seeking spousal support and sole custody; temporary court orders granted the couple joint custody.

21 February 2007

Britney checks out of rehab and visits lawyers

Following paparazzi photographing her at the Promises residential treatment center in Malibu, California, Britney has been seen leaving the facility. According to reports, Britney was seen wearing her blonde wig with a brown hat at an office in West Hollywood (9119 Sunset Blvd, near the Chateau Marmont, where Britney is thought to be staying). She visited the law office of Barry Tarlows and Blair Berk (criminal and civil defense attorneys); Berk represented Reese Witherspoon in a case against paparazzi photographers, angry at having been photographed whilst at the private Promises rehab centre yesterday.

20 February 2007

Britney checks herself into rehab

“Britney Spears has voluntarily checked herself into an undisclosed rehab facility today. We ask that the media respect her privacy as well as those of her family and friends at this time.” – Larry Rudolph, Britney’s manager

19 February 2007

Britney steps out with blonde wig

Britney stepped out last night for the first time since shaving her head, showing off a new blonde wig at the Roxy club on Sunset Boulevard, leaving the club around 1am and heading for the Beverly Hills Hotel. Britney’s aunt Wanda spoke to the “New York Daily News” and said that Britney’s recent partying and head-shaving is related to the death of her aunt Sandra Bridges Covington, whilst it has also been rumoured that Britney found her hair was so badly damaged from treatments that she found bald spots.

18 February 2007

Lynne Spears flies out to be with Britney

Britney’s mother, Lynne Spears, has flown to be with Britney and has been seen by paparazzi, who asked her how Britney was; she responded that Britney is ‘fine’ and gave a thumbs up to the photographers.

17 February 2007

Britney admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre

Britney has reportedly been admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre, following her evening visit to the salon where she shaved off all of her hair before getting two new tattoos – a black, white and pink cross on her hip and red and pink lips on her wrist. Britney was apparently admitted with a friend, spoke to doctors, wearing a dark wig, but was allowed to go home. There is speculation that Britney shaved her head to raise awareness for a cancer charity who helped her aunt, prior to her recent death, as well as speculation that she did it purely because of tight and uncomfortable hair extensions.

Britney shaves her head and gets a new tattoo

Britney went to a hair salon on Ventura Blvd in the San Fernando Valley last night at 7pm, and shaved her head, using equipment at the salon. According to X17Online, she was crying in the car for ten minutes before she went inside, returning bald half an hour later, when she went to the Body & Soul Tattoo parlour and had a new tattoo or piercing on her abdomen. Before entering the tattoo parlour, she told the paparazzi, “Go f*** yourself… because of you, I know your face… who are you?”
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16 February 2007

Britney checks in and out of rehab

“People” magazine reports Britney checked herself in and abruptly out of rehab, “two or three days ago,” booking in at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Centre in Antigua, before leaving after just one day and heading to Florida, where she was seen on a plane with her two children, Sean Preston and Jayden James. On Friday, “OK!” magazine’s Rob Shuter told “Extra,” “People are speculating that the force behind [Felicia’s] letter may in fact be Britney’s mother reaching out to Britney.” Britney’s publicist, Gina Orr, would not deny or confirm whether or not she had gone into rehab, saying “We will not be commenting on her personal life.”

13 February 2007

Britney’s former assistant, Felicia, makes public statement

Felicia Culotta, Britney’s former personal assistant and family friend, reportedly sent the following out online today: “Britney doesn’t have a publicist for me to clear this through first, so it will come directly from my heart to you! I am home in Mississippi – I am now a trained corporate flight attendant and fly with a tiny jet company out of Georgia. I am also a substitute preschool teacher at the church preschool in my town.
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11 February 2007

Isaac Cohen sells story on Britney

Isaac Cohen, has sold his story to the “News Of The World” tabloid newspaper, exploiting his time with Britney, saying “By the time I met Britney, she was burnt out. She knew she had been drinking and partying as a way to try to banish the bad stuff from her life. Far from the trashy drunk, I saw a very shy, sweet girl who was just desperately sad about what had happened with her marriage. Yes she enjoyed Jack Daniels but she was trying not to get in the state she had been in with Paris Hilton. Her boys mean everything to her and she worried she might lose them in a custody battle. It was clear she was not over her marriage.
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10 February 2007

Britney premieres four new songs at club

Britney played four new tracks from her forthcoming album to the audience at the Tenjune Club, asking the resident DJ, DJ Berrie, to put them on to gauge a reaction. DJ Berrie said the tracks were “new wave hip-hop” club songs, “think Timbaland or the Neptunes productions.” He added that “the audience knew it was Britney and were dancing” and that “they’ll blow up!”

8 February 2007

Dr. Luke confirms song title to “Us Weekly”

Dr. Luke – otherwise known as Lukasz Gottwald (famous for his work on tracks by Kelly Clarkson, The Veronicas & P!nk) – has confirmed to “Us Weekly” that he has worked on a ‘feel-good, upbeat’ track called “All The Way” with Britney for her 5th album.

6 February 2007

JC Chasez talks about Britney on USA radio

JC Chasez, who supported Britney on the European leg of The Onyx Hotel tour in 2004, defended her when a DJ criticised her on USA radio, saying “She still is the sweetest; she’s got a great heart. She’s going through something very difficult right now. I don’t care who you are, divorces are never easy, especially with two children involved. And the fact of the matter is I know plenty of 25-year-olds and 26-year-olds who are going out every night and she’s not even going out every night! And for the last two years, she hasn’t been able to do anything because she’s had two kids within the past two years. So, you’re talking about somebody who’s 25 now who has not really left their house, really, and hasn’t had any kind of freedom or liberties in the last two years. She’s given a lot of people in this world a reason to be happy with her music, more than most people. She’s already lived a fulfilling life.”