30 June 2007

Sean Garrett talks to Billboard about Britney

Sean Garrett has confirmed he has officially wrapped his sessions with Britney Spears, and told Billboard “I’ve got this one record I’ve been holding for 10 months that everyone has tried to buy, but I stayed with Britney on it. I guarantee it will shake up the world. It’s uptempo, out of control… it’s wowzers, produced by me & Bloodshy. I can’t give the title yet, but the record is done and definitely what people want to hear from her.”

29 June 2007

Britney gives love letter to her mother

Britney was photographed hand-delivering a document to her mother Lynne Spears, yesterday, on the set of her sister, Jamie Lynn’s TV show. It was rumoured that these documents were regarding a restraining order, preventing Lynne from seeing Britney’s two children, Sean Preston and Jayden James; sources say the letter was handwritten from Britney herself.

Lynne is currently shopping a tell-all story on Britney’s life and is continuing a working relationship with Larry Rudolph, who Britney fired earlier in the year. The source also says drug tests came back negative when Britney went to rehab for the first time, and that Britney had nothing in her system when she was admitted to Promises, although she acknowledged having emotional problems after her second child was born (with the staff believing she was suffering from post-natal depression). It is also reported that Promises rehab centre have no drug or alcohol tests showing Britney was ever ‘using’ and that, despite repeated demands from Alli Sims, her assistant, the only report they sent was dated 7th March, two weeks after she checked into rehab (a Promises representative declined comment).

28 June 2007

Paris Hilton talks about Britney

Paris Hilton appeared on “Larry King Live” recently, and was asked about Britney, saying “She’s a sweet girl. She’s a good mum… she loves her children. And again I think the media just likes to…” Larry interrupted, commenting on some of the photographs of Britney and Sean Preston which caused concern in 2006, with Paris responding, “I’ve seen her with her kids. She loves her kids. I think it’s hard for anyone when you’re in the spotlight so much, & it’s very overwhelming at such a young age. I feel like a lot of these girls, you know they move out here at a young age. They’re given too much too soon & it is hard.”

Rare video of Britney aged 11 leaked online

A video of Britney rehearsing to perform “Love Can Build A Bridge” at the wedding of her aunt, Chanda McGovern, who tied the knot with Britney’s biological uncle John Mark Spears in November 1993, has been leaked online here. “When she sang at my wedding it sent chills through everyone who was there, she was electric. She just had the most beautiful voice, and it was perfect to have her perform. She has always been an amazing singer to listen to.”

25 June 2007

Rosie O’Donnell wants Britney for True Colours tour

Rosie O’Donnell has left a message to Britney on her website, regarding the forthcoming True Colours, during which Britney is scheduled to be making a one-night-only guest appearance. “People” magazine have reported that the appearance is happening, and spoke to one of the dancers who auditioned for Britney, to appear on-stage with her, and was played a new song.

“It was dope. It reminded me of that one song you hear at 1:50am., when they call last call at a club, and it’s the hottest, nastiest song you’ve ever heard in your life and you’ve just got to put your drink down and dance to it. You’ve got no choice. You’re body is insisting on it.”

Rosie left the following, in a video message on her web site: “And the rumours are swirling about that Britney is joining us in L.A. Now Cyndi said it wasn’t happening, and it’s Cyndi’s tour, so she would know. But if it is happening, I’m thrilled. ‘Cause I enjoy Britney. Brit if you’re watching… honey, you and me. We’re gonna share a backstage moment. Cause I love you kid!”

23 June 2007

Britney posts message to Lynne

Britney has posted a message to her mother on her official web site, saying: “Mother to Grandmother, and my my, you’re grand.”

21 June 2007

Britney shoots new fragrance photos

Following the huge success of Curious, Fantasy, In Control and Midnight Fantasy, Britney is to release a further fragrance, having participated in a promotional photoshoot for it in LA last week. Some negative reports said Britney got upset and left early; Britney’s spokesperson said, “She didn’t storm off at all. She did the shoot in less than four hours.” The same reports added a music industry insider who is not affiliated to Britney or her label has said the new album contains “four definite hits; it’s amazing.”

18 June 2007

T-Pain talks about “Cold As Fire” and “Boyfriend”

T-Pain has spoken about the two tracks he has written and submitted for Britney’s fifth album, whilst promoting his latest album. The writer and producer, real name Faheem Najim, says the two songs he wrote are entitled “Boyfriend” and “Cold As Fire,” and that they are rebellious: “it’s her letting everybody know she doesn’t care about all the crap going on in the media.”