28 September 2007

Fox News reviews new Britney songs

Fox News have reviewed a handful of songs from Britney’s forthcoming fifth album, out on 12th November 2007. “Heaven On Earth,” co-written by a California duo called Freescha with Kara DioGuardi is decribed as a ‘smash; a totally original dance track that comprises a distinctive and catchy melody that sounds fresh and exciting, and is eminently hummable’.

The Bloodshy & Avant-produced “Piece Of Me” sees her describing the paparazzi as ‘pissing me off’ and taking pictures of her derriere, sounding as if ‘she is trapped in a pinball machine’, rhyming ‘rich and famous’ with ‘shameless’, and featuring the producers singing ‘Extra! Extra!’ in the background. “Radar” is described as ‘straight-ahead electronic disco, with sonar pings and sounds like Las Vegas goes EuroDisco’.

“Gimme More” sent out to radio in the UK

“Gimme More” has officially been sent to radio across the UK on CD-R acetate, and can now be requested on Capital FM, BBC Radio One and all other major radio stations nationwide.

“Gimme More” hits #1 on iTunes stores worldwide

“Gimme More” is officially #1 on iTunes USA today, being the most downloaded song and the most downloaded ringtone in Apple’s new service, where you can select part of a track and pay an additional 99c for it to be added to your iPhone. It is also #1 on Yahoo! Music USA, and is also #1 in Australia and Canada, and top 5 in Sweden, France and New Zealand. It is not yet available in the UK and Germany, where it is being delayed until 29th October 2007.

21 September 2007

Britney charged with driving offences

Britney arrived at her lawyer’s office in tears today after having been charged with two driving offences. The charges are one count of ‘hit and run causing property damage’ and one count of ‘driving without a valid California license’. Both charges are misdemeanors, with 6 months imprisonment or a $1000 fine, and stem from an incident on 6th August in LA, when she was in a private car park and hit a parked car, whilst being photographed by the paparazzi driving off without leaving a contact number.

20 September 2007

“Gimme More” climbs to #75 on USA Billboard chart

“Gimme More” has climbed ten places to #75 on the Billboard Hot 100, which combines radio airplay from all radio formats, legal downloads and online video streams from AOL and Yahoo! Music. “Gimme More” was officially sent out for playlist consideration on Monday 17th September, at Top 40 Pop radio and Top 40 Rhythmic radio (two of twelve radio formats); on the Top 40 Pop radio chart, powered by Nielsen, “Gimme More” shoots up five places to #20, once again gaining the “Most Increased Plays” title.

“State Of Grace” reviewed by Popjustice

The Metro production “State Of Grace,” which Steve Anderson says he is “incredibly proud of and she sounds incredible on,” has been reviewed by music web site, Popjustice, and confirmed to appear on her forthcoming fifth album due 12th November 2007, with them describing the song as ‘subtle and amazing,’ ‘not a ballad, but quite floaty and very nice indeed’. The track has an Eastern influence; the main hook is simply ‘love is a state of grace between you and I-e-I-e-I-e-I-e-I-e-I’.”

18 September 2007

Courts issue joint custody rules

Details of the closed custody hearing on Monday have emerged today, with reports saying Los Angeles judge Scott M. Gordon has set a lengthy list of rules for Britney Spears and Kevin Federline to adhere to in order to retain custody of their sons. According to the list, neither parent can leave the state with the children without the written consent of the other, neither parent cann make derogatory statements about the other, the other’s significant other or family and both parents must complete the ‘Parenting Without Conflict’ program, sharing the costs.

In addition, each party is restrained from using corporal punishment with the kids (or allowing anyone else to do so), they are required to engage in joint co-parenting councelling, neither parent may consume alcohol or non-prescription ‘controlled substances’ (painkillers, etc.) 12 hours prior to getting the kids, and Britney herself must attend parenting councelling and meet with a parenting coach for a minimum of 8 hours at least twice a week. The coach is to observe her interaction with kids and her parenting skills and then provide a written progress report by 22nd October. Britney will also been subject to testing for controlled substances and alcohol, twice per week on random dates and times, at her expense.

17 September 2007

The Firm terminate relationship with Britney

Jeff Kwatinetz of The Firm has issued the following statement to media today: “It saddens us to confirm media reports that we have terminated our professional relationship with Britney Spears. We believe Britney is enormously talented and has made a terrific record, but current circumstances have prevented us from properly doing our job.”

Jeff Kwatinetz of The Firm represented Britney for just over a month, after Larry Rudolph and Leslie Sloane Zelnick, her publicist, were both fired in June.

16 September 2007

Steve Anderson confirms second Metro song

Steve Anderson of UK production team Metro, who produced “Breathe On Me” on “In The Zone,” has confirmed he has cut two tracks with Britney Spears for her fifth album, the first entitled “Grow” (which was registered on ASCAP earlier this month) and “State Of Grace,” both of which he is “incredibly proud of and she sounds incredible on.” He added, however, that he has not had any confirmation as to whether or not they have made the album yet.

15 September 2007

“Gimme More” added for legal download in Denmark

“Gimme More” is available for legal download in Denmark on iTunes; it is reportedly due to be released on iTunes stores across central Europe on 24th September 2007, with the UK date being 22nd October 2007.

14 September 2007

“Gimme More” release dates revealed

SonyBMG Germany have announced “Gimme More” will hit shops in Germany on 26th October 2007 (the UK release date is currently 29th October 2007, although that is subject to confirmation). “Gimme More” has been the #1 most added single for two weeks in a row on American radio stations and has also been the greatest gainer at Top 40 radio for the two weeks it has been on the airwaves. Jive Records have confirmed that it has become the second highest Top 40 chart debut in Britney’s entire career.

13 September 2007

Custody meeting takes place in law offices

Laura Wasser has confirmed that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have met to discuss custody of their two children out of court, commenting “I believe this is a frustrating time for her. I think she just wants to be a mom; both of her kids’ birthdays are this week, and I think she would’ve liked to celebrate with them without having to worry about the entire nation – the entire world – being concerned about what’s going on with her personally & her custody battle with Mr. Federline. They met and are trying to work it out so they don’t have to have a judge make determinations for them regarding their kids. They are both trying to work to come up with something together.”

“Gimme More” debuts at #85 on USA Billboard Chart

“Gimme More” has officially debuted at #85 on the Billboard Hot 100 in its second week of being available for airplay; it currently has no video streams or official downloads added to its tally, unlike the majority of charting entries.

As of earlier today, “Gimme More” was currently #22 on Top 40 radio, with audience impressions of over 16million people; on the Radio&Records Top 40 chart for this week, “Gimme More” makes a debut at #25, with “Most Added” and “Most Increased Plays” this week.

12 September 2007

“People” and “Entertainment Weekly” preview new material

Both “People” and “Entertainment Weekly” have been played 4 new songs from Britney’s fifth album. “People” said “other tracks we heard at an exclusive preview have a synth-heavy sound that nods to new wave. The defiant Bloodshy & Avant-produced, “Piece Of Me,” the likely second single and possible album title, features Spears issuing the challenge “You want a piece of me?” to her foes,” whilst “EW” says the song “kicks off with her standard breathy-sexy growl over a thumping hook: “I’m Mrs. American dream since I was 17.”
Full story ““People” and “Entertainment Weekly” preview new material”

11 September 2007

Britney drives up rating for VMAs

Britney’s appearance at the show drove up ratings and Internet traffic for MTV – viewing figures for the VMAs were up 23% from last year’s show with 13million viewers watching & MTV.com reported its highest-trafficked day ever, with over 6million streams for the VMAs; her performance alone has also been watched over a million times on YouTube, before being removed by Viacom.

8 September 2007

MTV reports on Britney’s VMA rehearsal

Britney Spears stands onstage, face low and obscured by her cowboy hat. Spotlights sweep back and forth, strobes flash, and a silver-gray curtain parts. Spears stands to the side, in jeans and a white tank top that reads “James,” hat tipped over her face. The song starts, but she turns her back during the opening line, “It’s Britney, bitch,” striking a pose of pure attitude.
Full story “MTV reports on Britney’s VMA rehearsal”

6 September 2007

MTV confirm Britney VMAs performance

MTV have issued a press release announcing Britney Spears will open the MTV Video Music Awards on 9th September 2007, with a performance of her new single “Gimme More” accompanied by involvement from illusionist, Criss Angel.

Jesse Ignjatovic, the executive producer of this year”s VMAs said “some of the biggest TV performances of Britney’s career have been at the VMAs and fortunately, she was into it and excited to do it. I wanted her to come on and make a statement right from the very beginning of the show. And she”ll kill it. I wanted to start the show in a very big and dramatic way, and she’s the one to do that. She’ll captivate everyone, and set the tone for the rest of the night. There’s no one better. You can expect the things we want and expect from Britney – that will all be there. What I’ve seen of it is great. She’ll be dancing, performing, doing her thing. Fans that are familiar with her performance on previous VMAs will not be disappointed.”