30 December 2007

Adnan Ghalib talks to “20/20”

Taking photographs of Britney Spears can earn a paparazzo photographer in excess of £100,000 a year according to Adnan Ghalib, who Britney plucked from the 40 or so photographers stalking her to join her in her hotel, where she spoke to him for hours about her personal life.

“I think she’s awesome, she’s a great person, the people she surrounds herself with have made her how she is.” He admitted, he’d be “lying if he said no,” as to whether her life would improve without the paparazzi attention. “She’s so unpredictable… she is lucrative in that sense… the clip of her admitting to taking a lighter ran for over £20,000. Maybe the only friends she’s going to have that treat her with the respect that she deserves are going to be the photographers that work her 24 hours a day. It’s going to have to be us… I think we are her friends now. Until she tells us to go away.”

24 December 2007

ProMusicae Spain suggest special “Blackout” for 2008

A special deluxe edition of “Blackout” is reportedly due to be released on 17th June 2008, according to an internal document detailing new releases from ProMusicae Spain, the official company representing the Spanish recording industry, a coalition of record companies and retail stores nationwide.

The document lists information about forthcoming releases and provisional release dates and features Britney in the SonyBMG section, saying the release will be a “special edition,” including the original critically acclaimed album, alongside 4 new songs, remixes and a DVD documenting the production of ‘the riskiest project of Britney’s career’.

19 December 2007

Jamie Lynn Spears confirms pregnancy

Britney’s 16 year old sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, has confirmed to “OK!” magazine USA that she is 3 months pregnant with her first child and is keeping the baby. The exclusive interview, with both Jamie Lynn and her mother Lynne Spears, reveals her shock over the pregnancy, that the father is Casey Aldridge, who she has been dating for some time following their initial meeting at church and that she took two weeks where she didn’t tell anyone, bar one friend, before she told her parents and friends.
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Britney releases statement about her sister’s pregnancy

Amidst rumours that she had to personally ring “OK!” magazine herself to ask for a copy of the interview, Britney Spears has released the following press statement regarding her sister’s pregnancy, saying: “Britney is aware of the news regarding Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy. She wishes her sister nothing but the best and asks for privacy during this time.”

5 December 2007

“Piece Of Me” added to BBC Radio One playlist

“Piece Of Me” has been playlisted by BBC Radio One, ahead of its release on 7th January 2008; the song is currently on the C-list, guaranteeing it airtime over the next week.