29 May 2008

Conservatorship still in place

The conservatorship in place following a court hearing today, which was attended by Britney’s lawyers but skipped by both Britney and her father, Jamie. The commissioner, Reva Goetz, said “It’s my understanding that Britney’s condition is somewhat tenuous. Her medical condition remains the same. The diagnosis is not complete, though there have been changes in her medication. The timing of the remaining proceedings is something we need to address following additional testing.”

24 May 2008

Britney attends Christian Audigier’s 50th birthday

Britney Spears, accompanied by her father, Jamie Spears, attened the 50th birthday party of Christian Audigier last night at the Los Angeles Petersen Automotive Museum, hanging around with two girlfriends in a closed VIP section. Britney stayed about an hour and a half, smoking outside, enjoying a live performance from Macy Gray and abstaining from alcohol. Audigier told “People” magazine that he is friends with Britney, saying she loved his T-shirts and caps.

21 May 2008

Sean Garrett and J.R. Rotem confirm new album

Sean Garrett and Jonathan ‘J.R.’ Rotem have confirmed to “People” magazine that Britney Spears is working on her sixth studio album. At the BMI awards, Rotem said “She’s great. She’s like a master at what she does. She’s a lot more experienced than most people. She just has the ‘it’ factor that not every artist has. So it’s always nice to work with her.”

Sean Garrett confirmed that he is also working with her on a few things and said “I’m just happy to see her back and recovering. She’s really shaping up and getting her whole situation back together. I’m really proud and happy to see her.”

15 May 2008

Britney to holiday with Mel Gibson in Costa Rica

After weeks of frequent training at the gym and recording sessions, Britney is going on vacation with her Mel Gibson and his wife Robyn, following their recent dinner dates. Britney’s father, Jamie, also boarded the private jet that was rented out for the trip to Costa Rica, where they will be staying for a few days away from Los Angeles.

8 May 2008

Britney recording for sixth studio album

A report in “The Sun” states that Britney is recording her sixth studio album for release near Christmas this year, up against a high profile comeback from Whitney Houston, and now Bloodshy (or Bloodshy and Avant) has confirmed to fans on MySpace that the rumours are true. A source told “The Sun” that the demos o far are ‘impressive’ and that ‘Britney has been on fire in the studio of late. She is determined to make a triumphant comeback.’

7 May 2008

“Radar” to be next single

“Radar” will be the fourth single from Britney’s fifth album, “Blackout,” hitting stores in July 2008 with a video to precede it in June; it is as yet unknown if Britney will appear in person or if the video will be an animated sequel to “Break The Ice.”

The song was recorded in late 2006, and Ezekiel ” Zeke” Lewis of The Clutch, who co-wrote the song with Bloodshy & Avant, said “Honestly, I know me personally, I’ve wanted to work with Britney Spears forever to be honest. So honestly, I don’t think for any of us it was hard. I think we all wanted to work with Britney and we were motivated to give her something that was great that was going to help her project become a great project to come back with. We went in and sat down to create a record for the Britney Spears that we know and love.”

6 May 2008

Britney to receive increased visitation with her children

For the first time since October, Britney Spears arrived in court regarding her on-going custody battle with ex-husband, Kevin Federline, resulting in an increase in the amount of visitation she can have with her two children. Britney left the court with her parents and attorney, smiling and happy, with Federline’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, once again talking to the press saying Kevin’s “goal is his children will have the benefit of two parents participating actively in their lives; we are pleased with the progress that seems to be occurring. I think the children are doing really great, and that is the key question.”

Allan Parachini, a representative for Jamie & Lynne Spears said “We are so pleased with Britney’s progress and we are very appreciative of the courts recognition of this progress. There was a modification of the pre-existing custody order. There will be a progress report on 15th July, and another court hearing sometime in August.”

2 May 2008

Britney heads home to Kentwood for Jamie Lynn’s baby shower

Britney has headed home to Kentwood, Louisana, for her sixteen year old sister, Jamie Lynn’s, baby shower. The shower is being held at Serenity, the house Britney owns in the state, and where here mother, Lynne, spends a lot of time.