24 June 2008

Laura Wasster take over in custody case

Laura Wasser is back as Britney’s lawyer in the custody case against Kevin Federline, replacing Stacy D. Phillips. Britney attended court today, in a smart white shirt and trouser suit, was sworn in and sat for the entirety of the hearing, looking very business-like, but not engaging in conversation with Kevin Federline, who was also present. The court changed the custody arrangement, giving Britney more time, leading her to tell reporters that she is ‘pleased’, and the court added it was pleased with her progress; a further hearing will be held in August.

20 June 2008

Jim Beanz talks Britney’s sixth record

Jim Beanz has confirmed he is working on tracks for Britney’s new album saying “Britney is amazing. Everyone has personal stuff, but a true professional doesn’t bring it into the studio.”

19 June 2008

Jamie Lynn gives birth to baby girl

Britney has flown home to Kentwood, Louisiana, to be with her sister Jamie Lynn, who has given birth to a baby daughter, Maddie Bryan.

18 June 2008

Britney to undergo full psychiatric evaluation

Britney Spears has been ordered to undergo full psychiatric evaluation ahead of the final hearing in the conservatorship order on 31st July 2008, to decide whether or not she should regain control of her medical care and personal assets. Her lawyer, Samuel D. Ingham III, said Britney would comply with the order and work around a planned trip out-of-state this month, where she is due to fly home to Kentwood, Louisiana, to stay with her mother at Serenity, the house she owns, whilst Jamie Lynn gives birth to her baby.

Jamie Spears also recently filed legal documents detailing the extent of his role as conservator, for which he had to give up full-time work, saying he has run errands, including buying groceries and cooking supper, as well as arranging security, meeting with doctors, care providers and attorneys.

16 June 2008

Danja at work on sixth album

Nate ‘Danja’ Hills, who wrote and produced “Gimme More” and “Break The Ice,” has confirmed in a MySpace bulletin that he has “got some heat for Britney Spears… shh!! I been grinding!!”

12 June 2008

Pussycat Dolls video cameo scrapped

MTV have confirmed that Britney’s guest appearance in the new video from The Pussycat Dolls, “When I Grow Up,” has been scrapped from the final edit. Spokespeople for both Britney Spears and the Dolls did not comment on why her appearance was not included in the final video, which premieres on Wednesday in the USA. According to reports she filed a short role last week: “They all wave at each other as they are passing in traffic. Of course, Britney looked hot and blonde. It is a very short sequence, but she had a lot of fun with it; she was totally down to do the video.”

9 June 2008

Britney meets with David Geffen

Britney Spears spent an hour in the company of David Geffen, owner of Geffin Records (who currently have Nelly Furtado, Mary J. Blige, Kate Nash and Ashlee Simpson on their roster), at his Malibu beach home. There is speculation that Britney is shopping for a new record label, but this is extremely unlikely; Jive Records/SonyBMG are acitively involved in the A&R and overseeing recording for her new album.

6 June 2008

Guy Sigsworth working on sixth album

Guy Sigsworth, who produced Britney’s #1 single, “Everytime” as well as “Someday (I Will Understand)” and “Over To You Now” has revealed he is working with Britney on material for her 6th studio album. Guy, who is also working on material for Jonathan Davies, the lead singer of Korn, said, “It’s weird to think I’m doing him and Britney at the same time. I don’t know if I’ll try to persuade them to do a duet together. That might be pushing it too far.”

5 June 2008

“Radar” release cancelled

SonyBMG UK have confirmed that there will be no further releases from “Blackout” and that “Radar” has been cancelled as a single worldwide, as Britney is working on a new studio album. Jive Records had previously added 24th June 2008 as the ‘add date’ for the single at USA radio and sent out promotional CDs, but this has been removed and the CD recalled.

4 June 2008

Britney rumoured to appear in Pussycat Dolls video

Britney Spears, who has been a longtime friend of Robin Antin, the creator of The Pussycat Dolls, is reportedly going to film a guest spot for their new music video “When I Grow Up.” A source confirmed to “Access Hollywood” that Britney is to shoot a ‘small cameo performance’ in the video, which is being shot in Burbank. Britney performed with the original outfit, alongside Carmen Elektra, at a special birthday party performance for her older brother, Bryan, in 2004.