30 November 2008

Britney takes “The X Factor” to new peak

Britney’s guest appearance on “The X Factor” last night gave the late 10:15 results show an unprecedented audience share of 50%, with over 10.6million viewers tuning in, up by over 1 million.

29 November 2008

Britney visits G-A-Y at Heaven night club in London

Britney made an appearance at G-A-Y at Heaven night club last night in London, with exclusive sources telling us that the club’s handling of her appearance was ‘disastrous’ and dangerous. Britney remixes were interspersed with current chart remixes & classics, with the “Circus” cover lighting up the stage, anticipating a performance from Britney, but her management saw the situation and refused to let her perform – Britney’s own security team attempted to salvage the situation, to no avail.
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28 November 2008

“Rolling Stone” article on Britney’s comeback

A year after her very public meltdown, Britney is back to work and out of trouble But what has the comeback cost her? There’s an understanding among those who know Britney well: When she’s blonde, she’s happy. When she’s brunette, she’s sad. When she’s pink, she’s crazy. Her hair was back to glowing and golden this fall, when she spent her time diligently shuttling back and forth from her Beverly Hills mansion to dance rehearsals and video shoots and recording studios, in preparation for her new album. It was a complete transofmration, following a year in which she spent a month in rehab, endured a brutal custody battle with her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, and careened towards a massive – and very public – meltdown that culimated in two involuntary psychiatric hospitalisations in January.
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26 November 2008

The “Circus” tour hits the UK in June 2009

Britney Spears will perform two dates at the O2 Arena, London, next year on 3rd and 4th June, taking her “Circus” tour to the UK! Tickets for the dates will go on general sale on 5th December, although there is a presale from 4th December to fans who text Britney to 81707. “It’s going to be very special,” said Rob Hallett of tour promoter AEG. “We’re creating a musical circus. Expect to see jugglers, dancers, tattooed ladies and acrobats.” According to the promoter, the concerts will be Spears’ only dates in Europe “for the foreseeable future”.

25 November 2008

Britney to appear at the BAMBI awards, “The X Factor” and “Star Academy”

Britney Spears will perform on “The X Factor” on ITV 1 on the 10:15pm results show, with the main show from 7:35pm featuring the current contestants singing two songs, an American ‘Classic’ and a Britney song, in honour of the special guest.

Britney is currently in Germany, and is due to perform at the BAMBI Awards on Thursday, where she has been awarded Best International Female; she will also perform on “Star Academy” in France on Friday.

“Rolling Stone” cover feature

Britney Spears will make her 8th appearance on the cover of “Rolling Stone,” her second in 2008, appearing on the front of the December issue with the headline, “Yes She Can! Britney Returns.” Jenny Eliscu, who has met with Britney for previous features, said the interviewing process was a bit stricter than usual, with Larry Rudolph present at all stages of the interview, and the questions submitted ahead of the meeting for approval.
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24 November 2008

“Womanizer” out now in the UK

“Womanizer” is out now in the UK on CD single, featuring the instrumental version of the track; the CD is being stocked in HMV stores nationwide.

22 November 2008

Larry Rudolph talks “For The Record”

Britney’s manager, Larry Rudolph, sat down with MTV to talk about “For The Record,” saying “We made a deal from the very beginning – everybody sort of shook hands with the understanding that there were going to be no boundaries on this thing. We were going to make an open and honest film and that we weren’t going to leave the good stuff on the cutting room floor. You see Britney in a light you’re not used to seeing her in. She’s intelligent, she’s introspective, she’s honest.

“By the end of the film you really understand who she is in a way that you just never imagined. It is so not a puff piece. She’s got a unique set of talents. She’s got a blend of certain talents. She’s a great singer. She’s a great dancer. She’s got an amazing image. She’s incredibly likable. She’s got this intangible thing that makes her a star. She’s a very strong person. Everybody goes through setbacks in their lives. Every day, I see her getting happier and stronger.”

19 November 2008

Britney opens up about “Circus” in new interview

SonyBMG have released an official “Circus” interview video, where Britney says that “Circus” is ‘something that I’ve worked for for a year, the timing is perfect and I’m really excited to share it with my fans.’ On the album title, she said ‘I like the fact you’re always on the edge of your seat when you’re at a circus, you always want to know what’s going to happen next, you’re never bored, you’re so engulfed and entertained’.
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18 November 2008

“For The Record” quotes revealed

Clips of “For The Record” have been released to the media, ahead of its airdate at the end of the month. “People” magazine have quoted Britney as saying “I have really good days, and then I have bad days. Even when you go to jail, y’know, there’s the time when you’re gonna get out. But in this situation, it’s never ending. It’s just like Groundhog Day. I’m having to pay for it for a really long time. If I wasn’t under the restraints that I’m under right now, I’d feel so liberated. When I tell them the way I feel, it’s like they hear me, but they’re really not listening. I think I’ve learned my lesson now, and enough is enough.”

17 November 2008

“Quicksand” to be international iTunes bonus

“Quicksand,” co-written by Lady GaGa, will be available for download with “Circus” in some international territories, such as Sweden, exclusively on iTunes. The UK pre-order has been added here, with all 15 tracks from the deluxe edition, the 10minute behind the scenes documentary, “Womanizer” music video, digital booklet and “Trouble,” which is available on the pre-order edition only; the UK CD bonus, “Amnesia,” has not been added.

9 November 2008

“Womanizer” debuts at #4 in the UK

“Womanizer” has shot into the official UK top 75 singles chart at #4 this week, having been released on iTunes a week earlier than scheduled. The track debuts with sales of over 46,500, behind The X Factor’s “Hero” which sold 180,000, Beyonce’s “If I Was A Boy” which sold 65,000 and Girls Aloud’s “The Promise” at 53,000. “Womanizer” will be released in the UK on 2-track CD, featuring the instrumental, on 24th November 2008, to coincide with her promotion here.

7 November 2008

Britney to perform on “The X Factor” and “Star Academy”

Britney is confirmed to appear on “Star Academy” in France on 28th November 2008. Whilst Britney is in Europe, she will be performing on “The X Factor” in the UK; whilst this has not been confirmed by ITV as yet, she is due to perform on 29th November 2008.

Britney performs “Human Nature” with Madonna

Britney performed “Human Nature” live with Madonna last night in Los Angeles at her Sticky & Sweet concert at the Dodger Stadium, wearing a tight white blouse, and baggy satin trousers. The song, which had a video sequence featuring Britney in the background, was ended with Madonna proclaiming “I’m not your bitch, She’s not your bitch” whilst pointing to Britney, and Britney saying, “It’s Britney, bitch.”
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6 November 2008

Britney wins MTV EMAs for Best Album and Act Of 2008

Britney Spears has won Best Album for “Blackout” at the MTV European Music Awards, voted for purely by fans, with Leona’s “Spirit” coming in second, and Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” coming in third. She was also awarded Act Of 2008, beating Rihanna and Leona Lewis. Britney sent pre-recorded speech, where she thanked fans for their love and support and wished everyone at the event a wonderful night.
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