26 July 2009

Fernando Garibay is writing for Britney

Fernando Garibay, who produced “Amnesia” and “Quicksand” for “Circus,” has announced he is working on new material for Britney Spears saying “I’m writing all dance tracks at the moment, working on icons like Britney.”

25 July 2009

The Circus Starring… will not be hitting South America

Adam Leber has confirmed on his Twitter account that The Circus Starring Britney Spears tour will unfortunately not be visiting South America, following rumours and reports that the tour is too expensive for tour agencies in the countries to invest in. He said “always hate to pass along bad news. Sadly The Circus will not be coming to South America. We really tried to make it happen! Sorry guys!”

17 July 2009

Dave Meyers talks about “Radar’ music video

Dave Meyers has spoken about Britney’s new music video “Radar,” saying it is inspired by ‘the romance of high-end society and the guys that circulate around there’. The video was also inspired in part by Madonna’s 1994 “Take a Bow” video and deliberately attempts to show Britney’s classy side “instead of the images of a sexed-up Britney that we’re all used to seeing. It’s the kind of Britney we saw in her video for ‘Lucky’, except more grown-up.”
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Britney to release second greatest hits collection

Following the news that Britney is in the studio with Max Martin, as posted on her official Twitter page, Australian sisters Olivia and Miriam Nervo have been asked to write new material for her, having submitted material for “Blackout” in 2006.

It is heavily reported that the songs are for a ‘singles collection’ to be released in October/November this year, coinciding with the end of the Circus tour in Australia; the collection will reportedly feature tracks from both of her recent albums, “Blackout” and “Circus” alongside a collection of new songs, one of which will be released as a new single.

10 July 2009

“People” magazine go backstage in London

“People” magazine have gone backstage with Britney on the Circus tour in London, where she spoke to the magazine saying “I’m constantly changing the show to keep it fresh and new and exciting. It’s an inspiring, empowering show. The crowd gets me so energised – I live for that feeling. I still get excited every night before I hit the stage. I always do a prayer with my dancers, band and the rest of my performers before the show.”

“Preston and JJ love the show, they even work out some really cute routines to a few of the numbers!” She also confirmed that she is dating Jason Trawick, her TV agent, but that they are not engaged – the rumours are “funny to me,” she added. The magazine goes on sale this week in the USA.