20 October 2009

Diane Martel speaks about “3” video

Diane Martel has directed the “3” music video, which is due to premiere in the next few days. She spoke to “Life & Style” magazine saying “I think it’s her next sexy video. It’s a very simple video for her – I don’t think you’ve seen her this much under a magnifying glass. Everything’s really strong and playful. We collaborated on the wardrobe and had meetings about hair and makeup people. We talked a lot on the phone and met Tone and Rich – two of the best choreographers.

“She’s so sweet and funny and so normal and down to earth. It’s really fun as a director to see her in front of the camera. She’s so creative with this stuff. The video is very simple, it’s very, very minimal. So it’s her, her, her. And she’s totally engaging every second. She really knows how to work with a camera and move. “I was really impressed, and I have worked almost with every female artist in the business.”

17 October 2009

Madonna speaks about Britney

Madonna has spoken about Britney and the “Human Nature” video segment that was shot for her Sticky & Sweet tour, where she was trapped in an elevator surrounded by cameras.

“Didn’t that explain what I thought? ‘I’m not your bitch, don’t hang your shit on me.’ I just think people should mind their own business and let her grow up. I think everyone goes off the deep end at one time or another, and she, like Michael Jackson, didn’t really have a childhood, so there are some inherent problems. I have a lot of compassion for her, and I hope that she can find balance. I don’t know how bad her meltdown was. One can’t believe everything one reads.”

14 October 2009

“3” becomes Britney’s third Billboard Hot 100 #1

Britney Spears becomes the first artist in over three years to debut at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 as “3” opens at the pinnacle of the chart. The song sold approximately 255,000 downloads in its first week of release, propelling it to #1 on Billboard’s Hot Digital Songs; the song also jumps 38-25 on the Pop Songs chart and debuts at #49 on Radio Songs/Hot 100 Airplay, which ranks songs based on airplay audience on all radio formats.

“3” is her 3rd Hot 100 #1 following her debut single “…Baby One More Time” and “Womanizer” which topped the chart exactly one year ago this week.

6 October 2009

“3” hits #1 on iTunes USA within hours of release

“3” has soared to #1 on iTunes in the USA within less than 16 hours of it being available, topping the 23 hours it took “Womanizer” to hit the top spot last year. The single has also been added to countless stores around Europe for download.