28 September 2010

Britney makes guest appearance on “Glee”

Britney made a brief cameo in this week’s US episode of “Glee,” which was dedicated to her music. She appeared in a fantasy sequence while Heather Morris’ character, Brittany, was under the influence of anesthesia during a visit to the dentist. Because of the anesthesia, Morris’ character experienced hallucinations of herself performing in some of Britney Spears’ music videos. After one of the performances, she told Spears that she’s hot and that her breath smells really good. Britney replied: “So does yours. And you know why? Because this is a fantasy.” She also appeared for a split second as a teacher in another sequence where Lea Michele’s character, Rachel, recreated the video for “…Baby One More Time,” and again in a scene dressed as as Cheerio, scolding Tina for breaking up with Artie.

The episode featured performances of her hits “I’m a Slave 4 U,” “Me Against the Music,” “…Baby One More Time” and “Stronger,” as well as Paramore’s “The Only Exception.”

11 August 2010

Britney to guest star in “Glee”

Britney is to make a cameo appearance in hit US TV series “Glee,” with the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, saying: “Britney, I think 100%, is going to be on the episode. She is going to come and do a couple of scenes.”

“The episode is about her music and not her personal life. We’re handling Britney with sort of kid gloves. I really admire what she’s done with her life and how she’s turned things around.”

Britney’s music will feature in fantasy sequences set in motion when the characters visit the dentist and are put under anaesthetic.

29 June 2010

Britney co-creates Candie’s line

After spending three seasons as the face of Candie’s, Britney has stepped into a new role: designer. She’s co-created her own line of clothing and accessories for the brand. The star spoke to InStyle about the new collection, her personal style, and her favorite pieces from the line.

How involved were you in the design process?
First, I met with the Candie’s designers and told them what my favorite styles are. Then, we sketched the items together. I loved it when I saw the samples for the first time.

So, it was love at first sight. Do you have a favourite item from the collection?
I love the black trench coat. You can wear it over your outfit or as a dress. There’s also an amazing studded skirt that’s perfect for going out.

Studs are still a big trend. Were there any other trends you wanted to incorporate?
I used a lot of studs and lace, because I wanted to make the clothes cool and edgy yet girly. I also love jeans, so I had to make sure there were some great pairs in the collection. And I love jewelry so there are a lot of fun pieces. There are great necklaces and big earrings.

How do you describe your own personal style?
My personal style is mix of comfortable and flirty. I love cute little dresses but I also love comfy sweaters and jeans.

You recently announced on Twitter that the collection would be a limited edition. When will the clothing hit stores?
The collection will be exclusively available in Kohl’s starting July 1st. There will be a few more pieces coming in September and October, and that’s it.

Is there anything you can tell us about the Fall ad campaign?
Look out for some notes written by me!

13 May 2010

Britney working with Rusko

Rusko, who recently released his debut album O.M.G. for Diplo’s Mad Decent label, revealed in an interview with LA Weekly that he’s been approached by Britney’s people to work on her new record.

“They approach me because they want me to do what I do. They don’t want me to make a cheesy pop record. I just want to be known for my beats. It’s simple. What you see is what you get. Bang! The music.”

24 February 2010

MTV reports new album due in June

MTV has reported that Britney will release her new album in June 2010. The report says that Britney is re-teaming with K. Briscoe, part of The Outsyders production team, who wrote and produced “Womanizer” and Corte Ellis from Soul Diggaz, who previously worked with Britney on “Get Naked” and “Get Back.”

The report adds that Britney is also collaborating with French hitmaker DJ David Guetta on new tunes, alongside previous collaborators Danja, Max Martin, Darkchild and Sean Garrett.

23 January 2010

Britney attends court to approve Haiti earthquake auction

Britney attended court yesterday for an update on her conservatorship hearing and for the court to approve the auction of her silver dress, worn to the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, to raise funds for the Haiti Earthquake disaster charities. Britney attended court with her father, Jamie, and the hearing was sealed due to the private personal and medical files discussed.

It was also approved that containers of items containing props from The Circus Starring Britney Spears could be disposed of. Her lawyer, Samuel Ingham, said “Britney is perfectly satisfied with the disposal of property and she is very enthusiastic about the Haiti donation.” He added that she is “appreciative of the extra time and energy the court has given” to these proceedings.

5 January 2010

Ms. Lago speaks about submitting new tracks

Danja’s studio companion, Marcella Araica (Ms. Lago), has posted on her Twitter about the new Britney album responding to the question about when the Britney ‘storm is coming’ saying,”Soon! And when it’s coming… Be sure to hear about it!”