31 December 2013

USA Today speaks to Britney: “It’s in my blood to perform”

Britney spoke to “USA Today” backstage at Planet Hollywood, after rehearsing her Piece of Me show. “I didn’t sleep last night because I’m excited, But today I’m dying. I feel like I’m drunk, I’m so tired, you know? It’s in my blood to perform. I’m a hometown girl, and my personality at home is the opposite of the performer in me. But then, when I’m home and haven’t done anything for a while, I get really itchy and nervous and weird-feeling. Performing is my therapy, to become different people onstage. It gives me confidence. I don’t have that much confidence in myself. But when I’m onstage, it’s my alter ego, and it kind of does adjust my personality.”
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29 December 2013

Capital FM Tweet about UK residency rumour

Rumours that Britney will bring Piece of Me to the UK for a mini-residency/tour in June/July 2014 have been circulating since Britney came to the UK to promote in October this year. Capital FM’s Max has confirmed that Britney told him that she is “hopefully planning to tour the UK next year!”

The current incarnation of the show has been specifically designed to fit in the refurbished Axis theatre at Planet Hollywood; a scaled-down version is most likely to be transported to Europe with alternate staging that can fit in generic arenas. Britney’s Planet Hollywood contract means she is exclusive to their venue for North America, allowing her to perform in all other global areas.

28 December 2013

Piece of Me opens in Las Vegas

Britney has officially launched her Las Vegas residency, Piece of Me, to a packed Planet Hollywood with stars in attendance including Mario Lopez, Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez.


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Piece of Me opening night heralded by critics

Piece of Me opened last night in Planet Hollywood to a fully packed audience, including Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, Mario Lopez and Selena Gomez watching the show in the VIP section. Reviews have started to come in for the show, with USA Today saying: “Britney Spears re-wrote the Las Vegas residency playbook – one could almost make the argument that this show might entertain a non-Britney fan because of its production values, which is likely not the case with other residencies – if you don’t care for Elton John, not even a $10 million piano would keep you seated for his Vegas hit parade.”

Other reviews were equally as positive with Las Vegas Sun adding that Britney “proved that she’s still reigning royalty in the music world,” Hollywood Life saying “she’s back and she’s better than ever” and Billboard calling it a “non-stop hits bonanza.”

27 December 2013

Britney talks to Las Vegas Review Journal

Las Vegas Review Journal caught up with Britney before the premiere of her Piece Of Me show in Las Vegas, talking about how her stage persona is a ‘character’ she gets into and more.

“Know what it is? It’s kind of like meditation and like a prayer. When you do any type of performance that you do and really feel the character. It’s why we do what we do because we love doing that. I think artists get off on that. It’s really fun when you find it and you go there. That’s when you have your best performances. It’s something that I strive for every day.

“With the lights and stuff onstage, it adds a couple of extra pounds. I’m just really working on my posture and holding myself right, because a lot of that has to do with the way you present yourself. And when you do that, things look really, really good.

“But like halfway through the show, you kind of lose your train of thought and you kind of let yourself go and you let it all out and then you don’t look as good. It’s about having a consistency with your character throughout the show. Keeping that character. Which is actually a little bit harder than what you think when you have so much going on.”
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Piece of Me final setlist

Britney has played the final full dress rehearsal for Piece of Me to a packed audience of friends, family and relatives of those involved with the show, ahead of the world premiere tonight. The full setlist includes 21 of her biggest hits and “Work Bitch!” and “Perfume” from “Britney Jean”:
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Britney tells E! she would like to pursue acting

Britney has told E! that she’d love to return to the big screen. “I would love to act. I would love to do movies. If it was the right part, it would be really cool… I love funny movies.”
Among her most recent favourites are “We’re the Millers” with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis and the 2011 hit “Bridesmaids.” “I also love Jennifer Lopez movies – I love Jennifer Lopez.”

She also admitted that she has thought about retiring completely: “I have thought about it, but I think right now is my time to perform and doing what I’m doing. If I happen to have another baby or something like that, I’d probably move back to Louisiana. I do miss Louisiana. I miss the people. I miss the food. I miss the way of life, how everything is really simple. There’s no traffic like there is in L.A. It’s really nice.”

“I Am Britney Jean” watched by over 750,000 in the UK

“I Am Britney Jean: Britney Spears in Las Vegas” was viewed by over 743,000 people last night on ITV and ITV HD, scoring a share of 3.4% with a further 40,500 watching the show an hour later on the time shift channel, ITV+1, making a combined viewing audience of 784,243.

26 December 2013

“I Am Britney Jean” airs tonight in the UK

ITV and ITV HD air “I Am Britney Jean” tonight, starting at 10.05pm. The show will be slightly edited from the E! broadcast on Sunday, omitting some of the additional stories involving her dancers and stylists, as well as the ‘coming soon’ segments. You can also watch the show on ITV+1 from 11.05pm. The full, unedited version is due to air on ITV2 in early 2014.

23 December 2013

“Piece of Me” pop-up boutique opens

Planet Hollywood have officially launched the “Piece of Me” boutique, which will retail exclusive Britney merchandise to coincide with her Vegas residency. Items from the store are also available online here, including a range of key rings, iPhone cases, bags and T-shirts.

E! ask Britney about Christmas shopping and more

“What do I want Santa to bring me? — I have everything! I’m so happy. I don’t need anything. I just want good health, happiness and love” Britney told E! – her sons, Sean Preston, 8, and Jayden, 7, are a different story. “They want everything under the sun — iPad Minis, new phones. They act like they’re 27 years old. You’re eight and seven years old, you can’t have an iPad Mini and a phone! They’re into gadgets right now. They’re into games, computers and all electronic things. David [her boyfriend] is really easy going. If I just got him a card, he’d be really happy, something simple like that.”

“For Christmas, we’ll just have a big family dinner. For New Year’s Eve, we’ll probably to a party at [Las Vegas restaurant] Koi. I’m a horrible cook. I’m not very good. When I try, I could be good, but with the kids, you cook something, you take time out to really make something and then they don’t eat it. You’re just like, ‘What the heck? What’s going on? I spent two hours cooking and you’re not even eating it?’ They love chicken fingers. Unfortunately, they love anything fried!”

21 December 2013

Britney and Jamie Lynn share their Christmas plans

“We always do a tree, we do dinner, a huge dinner, we do presents and we are all about Santa” Britney told MTV News when asked about her Christmas plans. “We are actually going to go to Vegas and the whole family is going to be there” Jamie Lynn said. “I’m just there to be a cheerleader and that’s kind of intimidating. I don’t know how to dance.”

Joining in on the Christmas Day festivities will be Jamie Lynn’s 5-year-old daughter Maddie and Britney’s two sons Jayden James and Sean Preston. Jamie Lynn revealed that she’s become very close with her nephews over the years. “It’s really cool. They are two boys, and it’s weird because I feel like she’s tougher than them,” she said. “It’s really cool to see their dynamic. She keeps right up with them.”

On Britney, she added: “Sometimes we get on each other’s nerves, and we will actually physically wrestle. And she really thinks she can beat me every single time and she never does. I don’t know why she keeps trying. My dad loves it. He doesn’t stop it either; he just let’s it go and walks in the other room. He probably can’t hear; he has hearing aids.”

“Britney Jean” to debut at #5 in USA

According to Hits Daily Double’s projected sales chart, “Britney Jean” will debut at #5 with 108,461 units sold in its first week in the USA. The official Billboard Top 200 albums chart and confirmed Soundscan sales will be released tomorrow.

“In Style” interview

In a dance studio in an industrial area east of Los Angeles, Britney Spears is rehearsing for her lavish Britney: Piece of Me show, which is set to debut December 27 at the Las Vegas Planet Hollywood. The two-year gig, as she describes it, will be nothing less than wild: moving stages, glittering costumes, scores of hunky backup dancers, rain – and snow – machines. This space, however, is decidedly unassuming. Perhaps the only indication that something special, someone glamorous, might be inside the nearly windowless concrete block: two paparazzi stationed on the sidewalk beyond a tarred-over parking lot, positioning their long lenses through a wire fence.
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