28 January 2014

“Britney’s Fears” – “Stella” magazine interview

With a new, highly personal album just out and a two-year (extremely lucrative) Las Vegas residency imminent, who can blame the superstar Britney Spears for looking worried? She tells Peter Robinson (of Popjustice) about motherhood, perfectionism, heartbreak – and why she’s feeling the pressure.

“This is scary,” admits Britney Spears, looking mildly alarmed. In an hour, the pop superstar will climb on to a small stage, perch on a stool in front of the worldwide media and numerous record executives, and give “Britney Jean”, her eighth album, its first public airing. She’ll be joined on stage by her producer will.i.am, but the audience will focus on just one person, as she introduces songs, including her new single, “Perfume”, from an album that promises to delve further than ever before into the life of this surprisingly shy icon. “I’m eager for people to hear what I’ve been working on,” she adds. “But I’m so nervous at the same time, because it’s such a personal album for me.”
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25 January 2014

“Now That I Found You” available for USA radio adds

“Now That I Found You” was officially added yesterday to Promo Only OnLine (POOL), a distributor for radio and professional DJs across the USA, allowing them to download the track and add it to their playlists.

The official third single from “Britney Jean” has yet to be announced; Britney previously hinted in “I Am Britney Jean” that “Alien” would be the next single from the album, whilst RCA recently serviced “It Should Be Easy” featuring will.i.am for remixing.

21 January 2014

Marco Marco speaks about Piece of Me costumes

Marco Marco, who designed the costumes for Britney’s Vegas residency, Piece Of Me, has taken part in Out magazine’s Popnography speaking about the costumes he designed for the show.

Did you bring a different twist to the show? Did you add some extra flair because it’s Vegas?
I mean, Vegas is always a good opportunity to make it a little bit more wild. There’re opportunities to be maybe sexier than you would be outside of there, and there’re also opportunities to create outfits that are maybe a little larger than life.
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17 January 2014

Initial box scores for Piece Of Me in

The first Billboard box office scores for Piece of Me at the Axis at Planet Hollywood have been announced; the four dates (27th, 28th, 30th and 31st December 2013) saw Britney play to 17,803 people grossing $2,470,021 (£1,504,274).

“It Should Be Easy” is not the next single

A representative from Sony Music has confirmed that “It Should Be Easy” featuring will.i.am will not be the third official single from “Britney Jean”; the remixes have been commissioned purely to be used in nightclubs.

14 January 2014

“It Should Be Easy” remixes commissioned

Remixes of “It Should Be Easy” featuring will.i.am have been commissioned and made available to DJs today. The remixes come from Westfunk, Firebeatz, Zoo Station and Greg Cerrone. The official third single from “Britney Jean” is yet to be confirmed.

9 January 2014

Britney wins Favourite Pop Artist

Britney won the award for Favourite Pop Artist at last night’s People’s Choice Awards, attending the event in a Mikael D dress from the designer’s pre-fall 2013 collection.

5 January 2014

“Perfume” UK impact date – 27th January

“Perfume” has officially been confirmed as the second single from “Britney Jean” in the UK, with the track being sent to radio and TV this week. The official ‘impact date’ for the single is 27th January 2013.

4 January 2014

“I Am Britney Jean” on ITV2 tomorrow

ITV2 and ITV2 HD will air the full, unedited 90minute version of “I Am Britney Jean: Britney Spears’ Road to Las Vegas” tomorrow, Sunday 5th January, at 10pm. The show will start on ITV2+1 an hour later at 10pm. The show will also be repeated on Saturday 18th January at 1:30am on ITV2 and ITV2 HD and at 2:30am on ITV2+1.