19 February 2014

WWD Talk to Marco Morante about Piece of Me Costumes

Marco Morante, the costume designer for Britney’s Piece of Me show, spoke to Women’s Wear Daily Footwear News about his work on the show.

How extensive are the costume changes during the show?
There are 20 songs and seven acts, so Britney changes costumes and shoes seven times. In the end, we made 35 pieces for her, and for the 14 dancers we made more than 250 pieces.

What is your favorite thing about Britney’s Vegas style?
Stylewise, it’s a nice meld between paying homage to iconic moments in her career and modern-day Vegas glitz and glam. During ‘Everytime’, she’s dressed like an angel in a 14-foot dress and floating through the crowd.”

Let’s talk about the footwear. What shoes stand out on stage?
Many of them are customized by me. For the final number in the last act, she wears a customised pair of Balenciaga boots, and she has some personalised wedge sneakers by Nike and Isabel Marant for ‘Perfume’, ‘Boys’ and ‘Me Against the Music’. And she wears heels and wedges made from scratch.

Which shoes are you proudest of making for the show?
The shoes she wears when singing ‘Circus’. They’re a bronze-metallic leather ankle boot, and from the back of the heel to the front of the shoe, there are black-and-white Swarovski crystal stripes.

17 February 2014

“Unbroken” leaks online – listen and lyrics

“Unbroken,” a previously unreleased Britney track has leaked online today, written for “Femme Fatale” by Lindy Robbins and Fraser T. Smith, who worked with Britney on tracks for the album. Fraser T. Smith, who produced the track, confirmed that the leak is an unfinished demo, a ‘work in progress’ that features both Britney and Lindy Robbins on lead vocals.
Full story ““Unbroken” leaks online – listen and lyrics”

15 February 2014

Britney files comments about copyright law to USA government

Government officials in the USA are considering changing copyright law to allow anyone that pays a fee to be allowed to use a song in any way they wish, bypassing the artist. Steven Tyler, who performed with Britney at the 2001 Superbowl, is spearheading a campaign to stop the change, which would remove control over the way a performer’s music is presented to the public.

If changed, the law could allow companies to purchase the rights to use music in advertisements and political campaigns, giving the impression that the performer endorses or approves their product. Joe Walsh of the Eagles stated in his letter, “It denies my rights under the Copyright Act to engage in fair market negotiation with the respect to exploitation of my work.” Britney Spears, Steven Tyler and other musicians share this sentiment and hope their efforts protect their work from unwanted exploitation.

12 February 2014

Britney performs “Alien” in Piece of Me

After changing plans for it to be included in the original setlist, Britney has performed “Alien” for the first time in her Piece of Me show in Las Vegas, replacing “Do Somethin’.” Following “Freakshow,” Britney was handed a handheld microphone by one of her dancers and sat on a stool to perform the first part of the track before singing the track whilst walking around the stage.

4 February 2014

“I Am Britney Jean” now airing on E! UK

E! UK currently have the full, uncut “I Am Britney Jean” on their schedule; the show is unfortunately censored, but includes all of the missing segments that were edited from the ITV’s “I Am Britney Jean: Britney Spears’ Road To Las Vegas.”

The show is due to air on Thursday at 9pm, Friday at 7am, Saturday at 11am and 9pm, Sunday at 4pm and Monday at 8am on E! and E! HD.

2 February 2014

Lady Gaga attends Piece Of Me in Vegas

Lady Gaga visited Britney’s Piece Of Me show in Vegas, telling her fans on LittleMonsters.com (her social networking site), “Me and BritBrit! She looked so gorgeous, the show was so much fun, and her dad gave us the best homemade BBQ, it was one of the best things I’ve ever eatin’ in my LIFE!”