28 April 2014

Michelle Bell and Angela Hunte talk “Original Doll”

Hunter Schwarz of Buzzfeed has been investigating “Original Doll,” Britney’s ‘secret album’ which she mentioned in December 2004 when she premiered a demo of “Mona Lisa” on KIIS FM. Following the premiere, Jive Records denied the album existed and weeks later on “TRL,” Britney herself changed her mind about the album referring to “Chaotic,” her UPN TV show.

In 2003, Britney released “In The Zone,” making it clear she wanted to have more input into her records, particularly songwriting. Michelle Bell first met Britney in 2002 when she was recording with Darkchild, and Britney played “Everytime” to her on the piano, hesitant of playing it to her A&R, Steve Lunt. “She definitely can play the piano, no one really knows that. She said nobody really listens to her. She just wanted somebody to say I believe in you beyond this pop machine. After a while, she sort of trusted me. ‘Look Who’s Talking’ (written in 2002, but later recorded by Korean singer, BoA, and released in 2008) was totally about Justin Timberlake. It was all, ‘let’s not put it all out there’. Britney was like, ‘He’ll know what we mean, but the rest of the world won’t’,” Michelle said. In one line, she remembered, Britney used the word “justify” for its double meaning; “I was true to you, justify my point of view.”
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19 April 2014

“Britney Sounds Off” in “People” magazine

Britney Spears, 32, dishes on getting back to work, getting in shape and cheering on her lil’ sis.

On her Spring Break…
“My time off was a blast! It was probably one of the best breaks I’ve had in a long time. I went to Jamie Lynn’s wedding in New Orleans – I can’t believe my baby sis is all grown up! – and then spent a few days running around on the beach in Hawaii with my boys.”
On her hot bod…
“I feel great, I really do. I’ve been trying to change up my workouts by getting outdoors more. I am channeling my inner athlete, playing a lot of basketball and more recently taking tennis lessons. Serena Williams, watch out!”
On her sexy job…
“Sin City is calling my name! Don’t get me wrong, I love being at home in L.A., but the performer in me is excited to get back into show mode. The dancing, the costumes, my fans singing along to my songs – it’s such a huge adrenaline rush. And I love tying someone up every night during ‘Freakshow’!”