26 September 2014

Bild interviews Britney

Bill spoke to Britney, whilst she was promoting The Intimate Britney Spears in Germany about music, fashion, her future aspirations and more.

Which do you prefer to make: music or fashion?
Music, but I have a shopping addiction – I buy so much I should commit to a shopping rehab, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that!

Do you regret anything from your past?
I feel good, regardless of the past. I have been here 33 years and have two wonderful children. I am now more aware of my actions and decisions; I have become more cautious compared to the past.

Do you ever look at photo albums from when you were a child?
Sometimes – my mom keeps a photo album of when I was a child.

How do you explain your career to your children?
I tell them that mommy is a singer, a pop star who wants to entertain people and make them happy. If my kids want to do something more straightforward, then they should do this. I would recommend that they become doctors or lawyers – my job is difficult, with negative people, so I am not sure I’d recommend it to them. If anyone wants to follow my line of work, they have to be very confident and strong-willed.

How long do you want to stay in music?
I’d say another 10 years. I hope to get married and have more children soon, but I have not found the right guy. Everything happens for a reason and that’s a good thing – I do not regret anything.

Britney confirms Vegas residency extension

Britney has confirmed she will be performing Piece of Me in Las Vegas until 2017, telling Good Morning Britain that the residency has been extended by a further two years giving her consistency and grounding. She said: “The way I used to travel all around the world and do a different show every night, I’m like, ‘How did I do it?!’ Promotion is a different story, and going to a different city every day, like what I’m doing now, it’s really hard. But being based in Vegas and having one show that you just keep going back to, the consistency of that is really grounding and really cool.”

Britney talks to Bunte in Germany

Britney is now in Germany, promoting the Intimate Britney Spears, on her whirlwind European promotional tour. She showcased her new haircut, telling Bunte that she’s “been wanting to do this for a year now – last night I got my hairdresser and I was like ‘Glenn! Please cut my hair! Just cut it all off!’ He was like ‘Are you sure? Do you really want to do this?’ So we did it!” and that she would love to be pregnant again.

24 September 2014

Britney talks to On Demand Entertainment in London

Britney chatted to On Demand Entertainment, whilst promoting The Intimate Britney Spears in London, talking about her wish to work with Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry and Iggy Azalea, recording both ‘I hate men’ and ‘I love men’ songs for her new album and her lingerie collection.

Britney talks to “ExtraTV” about her new album and more

Britney told “ExtraTV” she is working on her 9th studio album ‘slowly’ and ‘progressively’.

“I want to do something very artsy fartsy. Something that I’ve never done before — even if I go take a left lane and go into a little bit of rock or rock-pop. Just do something kind of out there and different.”

On potential collaborators, she added she would like to collaborate with Katy Perry and Iggy Azalea.

9 September 2014

The Intimate Britney Spears Ambrosia Collection Advert

“I am an art
Paint me in pastels
The softest blush of roses playing peek-a-boo on sheer nylon
Paint me satin and embroider me with mother of pearl
Paint me feminine with a bow and let me feel like a little girl
This is the art of being a woman
And remembering the feelings of a girl”

Britney talks love and Tinder with “People”

During a chat with “People” at Tuesday’s presentation of her lingerie collection, The Intimate Britney Spears, in New York, Britney said she hasn’t closed the door on a cyberspace connection. When asked if she will be joining other celebrities ‘swiping right’ on dating app, Tinder, she said, “Maybe! Who knows? Possibly.”

Britney knows what she wants in a man – “I like a guy to be just really sweet. Really sweet and to make me laugh: Those are the two main things that are important to being with someone.” But her lingerie collection will suit single ladies too – “I think with our world, [dressing up in lingerie for a man] is probably culturally what you’re expected to do. But normally, I wear it alone in bed, with myself, and I’m happy. It’s empowering for a girl to do that alone!”

Britney split with boyfriend David Lucado in August over his alleged infidelity and is clearly moving on. At a recent show during her residency in Las Vegas, she told the crowd: “The best thing about being cheated on is I get to go on more first dates.”

4 September 2014

Britney’s back in the studio

Britney's back in the studio
Britney is back in the studio, recording for her 9th studio album, having recently resigned with RCA Records.