26 January 2015

Giorgio Moroder talks Birntye collaboration

Giorgio Moroder has spoken to Popjustice about his collaboration with Britney for his new album, where they have recorded a cover version of a well-known classic, which is being kept secret from the general public for now.

Giorgio said: “HOW DID YOU KNOW [what song we recorded]? Britney wanted that song. Where did you hear it? I mean as long as I didn’t tell you, it’ll be fine. I don’t want to get in trouble! But yes, she didn’t call me, she called my management and said, “do you think Giorgio’s interested in doing that song?” I mean it’s a great song. I came up with the chords, I added some stuff that’s not on the original – a bridge, for instance. It’s more than just a remake. Then she called me and wanted me to go to the studio to record it, but I was on a plane to Europe so I didn’t record her vocals [in person]. But she’s coming back, hopefully in the next few days, to record that bridge that I did. I added quite a lot of stuff actually – one melody in the chorus, which repeats, and one bridge. It’s old, but I consider it a new song. I’m sure if Britney wasn’t happy with it, I’d know! On the first mix I sent her, she had some comments, which I agreed. That was a song which a lot of musicians worked independently on – I had my version, which I did with Patrick Jordan-Patrikios, my co-producer, but I was not happy with myself. So I gave it to a group of guys in Germany, then I wasn’t sure, so I gave it to another musician I liked, and then finally I got everything together and put it together. It’s like a worldwide-connected internet song! But I’m going to see her soon, and I hope she finds time to do it! If she can’t sing that bridge, I’ll have to take it out.”