17 March 2016

Britney surprises Jamie Lynn at the Grand Ole Opry

Britney surprised her baby sister, Jamie Lynn, at the Grand Ole Opry, just before she was due to go on stage. Britney said: “Thanks to the Opry for letting me introduce with beautiful young lady, who is my heart and my soul. Not only is she beautiful and extremely talented, she’s my little sister.”

16 March 2016

Broadly talk with the women behind “Crossroads”

In interviews with Broadly, the women who wrote, directed, and produced “Crossroads” reflect on creating a small-budget film with Britney Spears — who, despite being one of the world’s biggest pop stars, only requested tuna Lunchables and edamame on set.

What catapults a teen film into cult classic status? Clueless had clothes, Heathers had gore, and Mean Girls doubles as a piece of anthropology. But Crossroads had one thing that no other film did: Britney Spears.

The pop superstar’s first role in a major movie came at the start of her “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman” stage (you might remember that this was the film’s signature song). It was after the Mickey Mouse Club and schoolgirl costume, but before making out with Madonna, having babies, the Blackout era, and her recent Vegas redemption.

The feel-good film centers around Britney’s character, Lucy, and her childhood best friends as they take a cross country road trip to LA. It features some surprisingly heavy topics: teen pregnancy, parental abandonment, and burgeoning sexuality. While the movie has now become a Netflix favourite — and is the source of infinite Buzzed throwbacks — very little information has been available about the film’s production.

Until now. You might think that Crossroads was the brainchild of some male executive somewhere, but it was actually the work of a team of talented, up-and-coming young women—many of whom have gone on to rule Hollywood.
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9 March 2016

Maui Fantasy now available at the Perfume Shop

Every 22 seconds, a bottle of Britney fragrance is sold in the UK, and the Perfume Shop have the exclusive for her 19th scent, the limited edition Maui Fantasy. Britney chatted about the launch, saying:

What’s your inspiration for Maui Fantasy Britney Spears Limited Edition?
“I wanted to create a fragrance that gives me the amazing feeling I have while I’m there – surrounded by the ocean and beautiful flowers. Every time I smell Maui Fantasy, it brings me back to a place of happiness and relaxation.”
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5 March 2016

Bloodshy talks working with Britney

Christian Karlsson – better known as Bloodshy of Bloodshy & Avant – have worked extensively with Britney on iconic moments such as “Toxic,” “Piece Of Me,” “My Prerogative” and “Radar”. Alongside Linus Eklöw, he now forms part of Galantis, and recently spoke to MTV about working with Britney, saying:

“We quickly got a good working relationship with Britney; it started many years ago, and it has changed quite a lot since the beginning. We’ve done about 20 tracks with her. We even joined her on tour so that we could create new stuff together whenever we felt inspired. She often called us up spontaneously and sang us her ideas over the phone. We haven’t done anything on her new album, which is the first time since we started working together in 2002.”