8 November 2018

Britney talks to SoundExchange

SoundExchange: You’ve mentioned before that one reason your first residency was important is because you’re a parent. Can you go into more detail about why and how a residency is preferable to a tour when you’re raising kids? For instance, are you able to fulfill the endless parent duties when you’re booked in the same place for an extended period?

Britney: Yes, doing shows in one place makes it so much easier for me to be with my boys. It also helps that Vegas is just a short plane ride away from L.A., so I don’t have to miss sports games, birthdays and holidays. The boys also love to come visit me on show day, which makes it so fun for me. I love having my boys around.

SoundExchange: So, it’s possible to have a career as a musician and raise a family at the same time?

Britney: It is! It’s about finding work-life balance, which is so important. It’s about learning how to prioritize.

SoundExchange: The first residency was wildly successful AND got great reviews. But what will you remember most about the first residency?

Britney: Putting that first show together was exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. I wanted to make sure to give something amazing to my fans and there weren’t any other pop artists doing residencies at the time, so there wasn’t really anyone or anything to look to. We really had to figure out how to make the show exciting and interesting night after night and year after year, for both the fans and for myself and the cast.

SoundExchange: With the second residency approaching, is there anything you plan to do differently, whether it’s the stage production or the other visual and musical details that contribute to the fan experience?

Britney: I can’t really give away too many details! What I can say is I am working with creative team Nappytabs to put together a new show that’s going to be really spectacular. I know that my fans will not only love the music, but also the visuals. It’s going to be amazing!

SoundExchange: People attend the Las Vegas shows to hear the music they remember so fondly, but what are your thoughts about getting into the studio and releasing new music?

Britney: I always have new music on my mind! Right now, it’s really about finding the time to get into the studio between taking care of my boys and this new show!

SoundExchange: You’ve had a long career already, so to some degree your musical legacy is already established. But you also have a long career ahead of you and opportunities to further establish your legacy. Is one of your goals to be thought of in the same realm as other genre-defining artists like Aretha, Prince or Bruce Springsteen? And what will it take to achieve that goal?

Britney: It’s so hard to imagine even being mentioned in the same category as Aretha, Prince or Springsteen! They are icons and I really look up to all of them. I just try to tackle each show, year, milestone with doing and giving the best that I can. All I can hope is that everyone that comes to my show and my fans are loving what I am doing.