28 December 2018

Piece of Me named 4th highest grossing Vegas residency

Billboard Boxscores have compiled the highest grossing Las Vegas residencies of all time, with Celine Dion taking spots #1 and #2 with her residencies at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace – A New Day Has Come (2003-2007, $385.1 million, 2,814,577 tickets sold, 714 shows) and Celine (2011-2018, $245.5 million, 1,520,455 tickets sold, 375 shows). Elton John took third place with The Red Piano (2004-2009, $166.4 million, 982,090 tickets sold, 247 shows). Britney is the youngest on the list in 4th place with Piece Of Me selling 916,184 tickets and generating $137.7 million over 248 shows.

12 December 2018

HeadCase Designs launches official cases

Epic Rights have licensed a variety of designs to UK company Ecell Global, known online as HeadCase Designs. You can choose a design and apply it to a variety of different cases to fit the most popular Apple and Samsung devices. Cases are available to purchase on Amazon UK or via HeadCase Designs here!

8 December 2018

Britney Funko Pop! Rocks doll arrives at Target USA

Britney’s first ever official Funko Pop! Rocks doll has arrived at Target USA stores as an exclusive, featuring a free T-shirt, both marking the 20th anniversary of “…Baby One More Time.” There are no current plans for a UK release.