Sponsorship Releases

As part of sponsorship deals with the likes of Herbal Essences (who sponsored the Crazy 2K Tour), McDonalds, AOL and Lidrock, promotional CDs have been released to fans and media outlets to raise awareness of the campaigns. The Lidrock 3″ CDs were available to fans who purchased special promotional drinks, whilst the McDonalds and “Crossroads” soundtrack were available to purchase in selected outlets across the USA.

Taiwan Promo CD -

"Toyota Vios" Advertisement 1 Video
"Toyota Vios" Advertisement 2 Video
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Press Release

USA Promo CD - RA202M8

"Britney" Album Preview (Snippets Of "Overprotected," "Let Me Be," "Bombastic Love," "Anticipating")
"Crossroads" US Movie Trailer Video
Behind The Scenes With Britney Montage Video
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USA Promo CD - 0-1241-400152

"I Love Rock 'N' Roll" Karaoke Version 3:04
Mystikal - "Shake It Fast" | Performed By Mystikal 4:15
Matthew Sweet - "Girlfriend" | Performed By Matthew Sweet 3:40
Jars Of Clay - "Unforgettable You" | Performed By Jars Of Clay 3:20
Bowling For Soup - "Greatest Day" | Performed By Bowling For Soup 3:14
"Overprotected" JS16 Remix 6:07

USA Promo CD - JDJ-427022

"Deep In My Heart" 3:34
"Jump Jump" Performed By Aaron Carter 2:38
"Scope" Performed By Bowling For Soup 3:32
"I Don't Like You Anymore" Performed By Don Philip 3:10
"Stay With Me" Performed By Steps 4:04
"Interview Snippets" 3:08

USA Promo CD - ZSP-122

"Bye Bye Bye" Teddy Riley Remix Performed By *NSync 3:40
"Are You Gonna Be There" Performed By *NSync 4:06
"If I'm Not The One" Performed By *NSync 3:21
"I Thought She Knew" Performed By *NSync 3:20
"Oops!... I Did It Again" Rodney Jerkins Remix 3:07
"One Kiss From You" 3:23
"Girl In The Mirror" 3:36
"Heart" 3:01

USA Promo Lidrock 3" Disc -

"Me Aganst The Music" Featuring Penelope Magnet | Bloodshy & Avant's Chix Mix 3:30
"It's On" Performed By Nick Cannon 3:50
"Surf Colorado" Performed By Bowling For Soup 3:54
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USA Promo Lidrock 3" Disc -

Welcome To Lidrock! 0:18
"Brave New Girl" 3:30
"Shut Up" Performed By Black Eyed Peas 3:46
"Deliverance" Performed By Bubba Sparxx & Timbaland 4:08
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